Stages of early stage tech investing

Future of Venture

The angel investor and venture capital markets are changing rapidly, and future regulation changes around equity crowd-funding and the rise of syndicates are likely to change it even further.

I try and explain that the days of $500K raises on nothing but a pitch deck are over for software businesses.

There are starting to be venture creation / foundry models that optimize for working with founders from start to finish, but I don’t think this is a good fit for individual angel investments that don’t have other support structures in place.

I am very interested in early-stage funding models that commit across these early stages, as it means that founding teams can be heads down on hitting their targets and can be insulated from some of the distractions of fundraising.

This article was originally posted to LinkedInon June 4, 2014, and cross-posted to my personal blog in August 2014.

Boris Mann @boris