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Stages 2 - 4 of Pulled Pork: halfway through 6 hours of cooking, “pulled” pork, and dinner tonight.  Permalink

The absolute abundance of a California grocery store.  Permalink

By @KyleSamani, a post on token distribution models, including @LivePeerOrg's merkle-mine approach: "We encourage every team that’s building a layer-2 token or a PoS blockchain to consider some permissionless way for passionate community members to participate that’s not an ICO"  Permalink

Stage 1 of pulled pork. Who says you can’t cook when business traveling?  Permalink

From @kemitchell's @LicenseZero initiative, an article mapping open business models:

"Vigorous copyleft serves not just the currently underserved among open source contributors, but the open source movement as a whole, by preserving the broad base that made it relevant to begin with."

Grabbing a moment of peace in the crowded Blue Bottle. Working on telling the story of FISSION & collaborating with great people across the Ethereum ecosystem is a lot of work, but is keeping me energized.  Permalink