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I’m over on Bowen Island visiting my parents. Our first travel in months. And yes, they’re selling their house. Maybe a good fit if you don’t need to go into the office any more!  Permalink

“You don’t need to tip, just be nice; it’s all good. It’s a great, simple system. In fact, it’s how we buy most things!” — Clif Leir, getting rid of tips at Victoria’s Fol Epi and Agrius, in Scout Magazine.  Permalink

I just sat down and wrote an entire page on “startup” on my new personal wiki, which is in part “startup thinking”, and then lots of tools, resources, and recommendations. Looking forward to gardening the bmannwiki.  Permalink

Starting my first batch of @fmedeats inspired tepache — a drink made from fermented pineapple skins and cores.  Permalink

The new bike in its natural habitat in front of @timbertrain, plus their new fresh baked breakfast sandwich.  Permalink