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Went on adventures in Richmond industrial parks today, and found delicious food including Lamajoun, an Armenian bakery. Wrote it up on the wiki — includes surprise chocolatier discovery!  Permalink

Made it to Lamajoun, the Armenian bakery in Richmond. The “dough boat” is called a pide, house made basturma (cured beef), khinkali beef dumplings, jazzve coffee.  Permalink

New business cards! We’re on the road next week in #seattle & #chicago so needed some new ones. And yes, QR codes now that iPhone camera supports them are surprisingly useful!  Permalink

Spent the weekend on Bowen and did a bunch of cooking. Wrote up directions & photos of beef shoulder stew, rhubarb cake, and a kale & roasted beet salad, all on the wiki.  Permalink

Made some schug, a hot sauce of fresh parsley & cilantro, with garlic, jalapeño, Thai red chilli, lemon juice, coriander, cardamom, salt, & canola oil.  Permalink

Lucky enough to do some test eating - new cheap & cheerful Singaporean opening on Kingsway west of Victoria. Immediate top 4 #laksa in Vancouver.  Permalink

At @rachael_ashe’s studio for First Saturday. She’s showing off some of her custom papers. Studio sale! Come by until 4pm.  Permalink