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Responding to @brianloveswords, a German regional speciality is Maultaschen, aka “Mouth pockets”, which are a bit like ravioli. They were created so that Germans could eat meat during lent, because apparently God can’t see through pasta (just like Superman and lead).  Permalink

Major personal website surgery underway. I used my root domain as an archive, now I’m making it my personal wiki running @requarks WikiJS. Everything food / cooking / travel related will be over at @ATBRecipes.  Permalink

I got @iAWriter posting to my blog. I can run my own site and identity, and a 3rd-party app like iAWriter can ship support for standards (IndieAuth and MicroPub). I have my choice of apps, without having to give up control of my data or my identity.  Permalink

A year ago #OnThisDay, I made Schug, a middle eastern hot sauce made with green chilies, fresh cilantro and parsley and garlic.  Permalink