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I ordered some taro for delivery and it ended up coming as one giant root. Made taro three ways, including Japanese simmered taro as recommended by @fmedeats.  Permalink

Biked out to the very end of Spanish Banks, with @rachaelashe on the back of the ebike. A beautiful sunny Sunday. The Bikemap app tells me that’s 13km each way.  Permalink

A Friday night in the park, with some 6ft friends. The park was full of careful 6ft friends in the sun. Potato salad with radishes and guanciale. Pulled pork. Pickled beets.  Permalink

Quick beef tacos: onions, garlic, tomatillos, tomatoes, spiced with fresh ground cumin, salt, chilli flakes, apple cider vinegar and a little tomato paste. Plus: quick pickle radishes!  Permalink

This is a post about brownies. Specifically, testing micropub IndieKit image uploads, and also Cassava Flour Brownies if you want more detail :)  Permalink