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A middle eastern kitchen & home store, Indigo Traders. We sipped Turkish tea, I bought some condiments, browsed a lot of Turkish towels & other fabrics. @ Indigo Traders Permalink

Made it to Portland. Went to a night market, which had excellent food truck options: bao with fried chicken & @pipsoriginal donuts. @ East Portland, Oregon Permalink

Super fun local community coffee place. Road trip begins!  Permalink

Egg(s) in Purgatory - slightly spicy tomato sauce, black kale, soft cooked egg hidden under all that cheese @caffelatana  Permalink

Trying out @caffelatana for breakfast. So excited to have this next door.  Permalink

Yay! A fun first Vancouver IndieWeb / Homebrew Website Club tonight. @patdryburgh wrote up some more. I’m happy I got OwnYourGram working, so I will be using Instagram again.  Permalink