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Testing out Squoosh, an image optimization / compression app from Google Labs. Runs offline, uses a bunch of #WebAssembly codecs. And, has a checkbox under Advanced Settings labeled "Pointless spec compliance" :p Screenshot of Squoosh app  Permalink

Request for #recipes: what I can make with this red kuri squash? You may also know it as Japanese squash, onion squash (UK), potimarron (France) Hand holding red kuri squash  Permalink

Kyle writes Noncompete By Two Other Names on developing the next Polyform Project license "many developers and companies want 'do what you want, but don’t compete' license terms…[but many] wanted to define 'don’t compete' differently"  Permalink

Quill web app Micropub client to Micropub Server, pushed to Github repo, web-hooked to multi-server deploy on 3 continents across Linode and DO, using @FlynnScale #opensource PaaS. Let's see if this works :)  Permalink

"Everyone will take for granted the idea that you can watch a live video stream in a group of 500,000 and have live shout-outs from the comments. Or have a group video chat in which friends can drop by." Now people are comfortable with video, by @genmon  Permalink