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Was out on the water last night with my friend Mike. Here’s sunset over the RVYC Jericho docks as we were coming back in.  Permalink

Post installation of the @KnowRoaming Global SIM "sticker". It goes on over the contacts on your existing SIM card. Going to be doing some more travel soon & this is easier than SIM swapping.  Permalink

From meeting @kemitchell, it's clear to me that open source licenses are going through a time of innovation. Check out License Zero and also Kyle's writing. No, really, go read his last 10 blog posts.  Permalink

“In popular terms, to be true, a meme must first be minimally viral so it can be meaningfully thought at all.” — Dodo Thoughts by @vgr  Permalink

Blockchain Governance 101 - Vlad Zamfir’s current thinking on the topic of blockchain governance, with a couple of different flavours possible. “if a coordination mechanism is legitimate, people will (justifiably) act like it’s a fact that people will use it”  Permalink

"Following someone on twitter is like having a direct line into their brain" @borismus in Make twitter great again?, with some further notes on the broken RSS ecosystem & Twitter design choices.  Permalink