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Chain link fence, cranes at the port, and sunlit mountains  Permalink

Finally fixed my blog front page to show all recent posts - microblog posts, bookmarks, and IG cross posts. Reminds me that it’s been too long since a full-length blog post!  Permalink

I should probably write an actual blog post about how I’ve been enjoying using Discourse forums. Great OEmbed support and auto transclusion / linking between posts.  Permalink

I posted a #cookstorm on Twitter as I made this Chicken Eggplant Coconut Curry tonight. Pretty happy with how it turned out!  Permalink

Testing posting from the MicroDotBlog iOS client.  Permalink

I got access to @GoogleStadia yesterday. My controller doesn’t arrive until next week, so I played Destiny2 on my Chromebook with mouse and keyboard. Worked well!  Permalink

At @rachael_ashe’s new studio, her studio mate Ted has a cookbook collection! The author photo is amazing. And of course I want to learn how to flame things table side.  Permalink