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Sitting in the office at the end of the week sponsoring some cool projects on Patreon and drinking a Brassneck Yuzu beer. Have a great weekend, everyone! Check out #eastsideculturecrawl & @RachaelAshe if you're in #Vancouver.  Permalink

This MONOLISK game is pretty interesting. You build levels and other people play them, while you level up different characters with equipment - mage, warrior, etc. Here’s the link for following me.  Permalink

Why yes, I am still experimenting with drinking vinegars. Newest orange-quince + white wine vinegar on the left, orange-ginger + sherry vinegar on the right. More on the new forum at  Permalink

Diced quince and sugar after 48 hours. Made 2 cups of quince syrup, then added 1 cup champagne vinegar. Voila! Quince shrub.  Permalink

Cultivate Tea on Main had a collaboration with Goose, making Onigiri 🍙. Went well with a kombucha flight.  Permalink