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More Flickr export & photo experiments

Experimenting with various services for dealing with my Flickr export backup and moving photos around, resulting in documenting a grab bag of cloud services, protocols, articles and other research.

Setting up OS X Mavericks with Homebrew, Cask, and rbenv

You’ve got a freshly built OS X Mavericks 10.9 system and it’s time to start loading up the usual apps you use and setup your development environment. Luckily, there are lots of great developer tools for automating this task. I learned some new tricks (e.g. Homebrew Cask) from Tadej Murovec’s post. And, my Macbook Air is now 2 years old and all the command line tools / versions have changed, so I needed to re-document this for myself. App Store Your first stop is the App Store, where you can visit the Purchases tab and re-download items you’ve bought. You’re...

Best practices for tracking QR Codes

My friends at Common Craft have a book called The Art of Explanation coming out this fall, and it will include QR codes. In the book, there are multiple references to Common Craft videos, and Lee wanted to make it easy for people to go from reading a page in the book and then easily viewing the referenced video. These QR codes link to the explanation videos on their website. Since there is only one chance to get the codes right before they get printed, we talked about different ways to generate & track QR codes1. Short URLs and QR...