On Instagram, off Facebook

The Own Your Gram tool that helped cross post from Instagram to your own site stopped working with recent Instagram changes, which made me not want to have stuff “stuck” in Instagram. I have decided to keep posting on Instagram, but only after I’ve already posted photos to All The Best Recipes — my food / travel forum. I also cross-post to Facebook from Instagram.

Vancouver’s Talent Are Like Raw Resources

I had a brief clip air on Global TV BC this evening, commenting on the news that Facebook is opening a temporary office in Vancouver. Here’s a link to the written article. Thanks to Greg for tracking down the Global TV News Hour clip (starts at 15:20). I do think that the difficulty in getting a US Visa is a contributing factor to make Canada / Vancouver an attractive place to put an office. It was back in July 2007 that the Microsoft opening an office news broke. Looking back, the Microsoft office out in Richmond was basically a non-impact...