More Flickr export & photo experiments

Experimenting with various services for dealing with my Flickr export backup and moving photos around, resulting in documenting a grab bag of cloud services, protocols, articles and other research.

How to Play Instagram

Gowalla is like Lego used to be—it’s a tool without any rules.Travis Smith Inspired by Travis' post about How To Play Gowalla, I present you with my version for Instagram. What is Instagram? It’s an app for the iPhone that lets you apply effects to pictures you take and post them online. As well, it’s very easy to share those pictures on other social networks. For me, Instagram has become the most fun and engaging online community experience since I started using Flickr just as it was getting started. I think it’s no accident that both center around photos. So,...

The Flickr Question

It’s that time of year again, when I face the same question: my Flickr Pro subscription has expired, and I need to pay so that all my photos are accessible online. But maybe I should self host? Is paying for a Flickr Pro subscription still worth it? Don’t get me wrong - I think the “Flickr deal” is still fantastic: about $2 per month for unlimited storage of all my photos. From a pure storage perspective, even Amazon S3 would cost me more than that. Flickr was one of my first loves when it came to online community. When I...