Yay! A fun first Vancouver IndieWeb / Homebrew Website Club tonight. @patdryburgh wrote up some more. I’m happy I got OwnYourGram working, so I will be using Instagram again.  Permalink

We’re meeting next Tuesday, Oct 9th, at 6pm, in #Vancouver to talk #indieweb websites, wikis, and podcasting. @patdryburgh @rtanglao are coming. Maybe @stv @owenmead @apike. Leave a comment if you’re coming.  Permalink

Caught up with @Stv who is doing great work in his new role at TELUS in #Vancouver. He is building awesome Node / React teams tackling some really big systems across Canada.  Permalink

Was out on the water last night with my friend Mike. Here’s sunset over the RVYC Jericho docks as we were coming back in.  Permalink

Went to the Art Breakers market at Heritage Hall yesterday. Bought several prints & also collected business cards for some upcoming commissions I want to do.  Permalink