Conferences as Community Gathering

8 minute read

Rather than treating attendees just as an audience for lectures, conferences should be a community gathering that invites people to make it an awesome experience. Here are some thoughts on how to include community in your traditional conference format, starting with a bit of history about unconferences.

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Berlin Observations

8 minute read

I’ve been in Berlin for about a month now, minus a side trip to Rotterdam and a conference in Algiers. Here are some of the notes and observations I’ve made about the city that have stood out to me.

Vancouver tech and the civic election

4 minute read

I’ve been asked by a number of people what I think the “tech platform” should be for parties running for the City of Vancouver’s November 2014 municipal election.

Harvesting knowledge

4 minute read

We are always learning. Whether we search for the answer to a question we have or an error we’re having in a piece of code, that practice of what to search for and sifting through the results is learning. Some of the time the answer might be obvious, we solve our current problem and move on. Other times, we have to look in 2 or three different places, synthesize the answer, and apply it. What are you doing to capture that type of learning? How do you share it with others, including your futur...

Taking equity in startups as a consulting firm

7 minute read

I’ve been asked by a number of design agencies, development shops, and other consultants how they can work with startups. Part of this is understanding what types of services startups need and what their budget is. The other part is these firms thinking of themselves as investors, and wanting to have a piece of a product company that may pay off beyond just hourly consulting fees.