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More Flickr export & photo experiments

Experimenting with various services for dealing with my Flickr export backup and moving photos around, resulting in documenting a grab bag of cloud services, protocols, articles and other research.

Flickr Exports in Jekyll

I’m exporting my photos off of Flickr ahead of their limits for free accounts. This is an initial experiment of the export files, and how to display them in Jekyll.

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Worked out of Propaganda Coffee in Vancouver’s Chinatown today, & @be.zelenka showed off her ridiculously awesome custom Mac OS + Firefox + tiling WM + mechanical keyboard.  Permalink

Incredible meal with @rachael_ashe at @stlawrencerestaurant for our 11th anniversary. Not a lot of French Canadian cuisine on this coast - this was top notch.  Permalink

Early start, prepping for my session. A pastry & coffee on the bench outside a great little bakery.  Permalink

Wandered the Paris streets. Found this chill cafe with good music. My first pain au chocolat of the trip.  Permalink

Working out of @thisfreespace newest location, WHITE in Yaletown.  Permalink

A date tart with rose jam at Moltaqa.  Permalink