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The midlife crisis of the American restaurant review

Via Vancouver’s @ScoutMagazine, “An essay in the LA Review of Books on the midlife crisis of the American restaurant review” A lot of this ring true for me. Here in Vancouver’s heavily Asian-influenced dining, most restaurants understand that share plates are a thing. An appetizer-to-dessert review doesn’t make much sense for this. When traveling elsewhere — it has happened to me in Toronto (farm to table small plates) and Berlin (high end Turkish) — I’ve had servers explain sharing plates to me. It never occurred to me that this is something that needs to be experienced or taught, having grown...

“tech” over the last decade went from being perceived as a vertical sector to now being horizontal, where tech has or will permeate most if not all industries, one reason @semil covers in Why Seed Funds Have Scaled  Permalink

You can edit .git/info/exclude to ignore things locally, without editing or checking in a .gitignore file. via the git docs, and me searching for this answer multiple times :)  Permalink

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