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Jul 2024

Happy birthday Roland!

This was a pretty great Roland 6.0 release. Happy that I’ve known you since the 4.x days.

Here’s to many more releases!

Jul 2024

Went to Slo Coffee on Fraser today. Nice place, was packed but also pleasantly cool with good air conditioning.

I had a hibiscus espresso tonic and Rachael had an iced pistachio matcha with oat milk.

Jun 2024

My first time having maple blossom pickles (right). Also pictured: house made sea asparagus pickles (left) by Milan.

Two mason jars on a table with the Z-Space coworking in the background. Left is sea asparagus in a large jar, right is maple blossom in a smaller jar.
May 2024

I have been eating at Kim House for 20 years.

It used to be on Seymour across from my first Gastown office, is now on Pender at Richards, a few blocks west of #zspace.

#Vancouver #restaurant #Gastown

Wide angle photo of Kim House on Pender. Tea cup on table. Japanese style hangings.
May 2024

Just heard about a new coffee / pastries / ice cream shop coming to Chinatown being run by some rad people.

Just down the hill from #Zspace, super great energy happening.


May 2024

Checking out the West of Main Art Walk today. From Main Street to UBC, so not really “walkable” easily, but we’ll be out and about to see what artists are clustered where.

Is open today May 25th as well as tomorrow May 26th from 11a to 5pm.

#Vancouver #art

May 2024

We went to VANCAF (the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival) today.

It’s at the Roundhouse today and tomorrow (May 18th & 19th). Absolutely packed, lots of great art, prints, stickers, pins, books and more. Recommended!

#art #vancouver #vancaf #event

May 2024

Wasp nest in the rhododendron outside our apartment window.

Photo is zoomed in so a little digitally crunchy looking. About the size of a fist.

Took care of it by blasting it with water. Unfortunate, but right outside the windows of the whole building.

May 2024

Played a round of disc golf at Little Mountain for the first time in a very long time.

It was nice to be out in the sun and walk around and shake the dust off a little.

#discgolf #vancouver

May 2024

This is Arthur Erickson Place, renamed after the architect who designed it.

Yes, brutalist AF


May 2024

Car rental drop-off means a breakfast sandwich and cappuccino from 49th Parallel Lucky’s

Apr 2024

I now have the power to make my own espresso tonics in the office. Dangerous!

Apr 2024

New office dog friend, Edie.

Apr 2024

Morning coffee at Nemesis, with strategically framed Harbour Centre in the background.

I have a new coworking desk. Haven’t had space here in #Vancouver #Gastown for 8 years, and before that was somewhere in the area for 12 years.

Mar 2024

Spent the evening at a music show by the Elliot Freedman Group.

It was hosted by Notional Space, a gift economy run venue that is a unique private home in my neighbourhood.

I love what Mark & Yumi are doing with the space. We need more like this.

#Vancouver #EastVan

The Elliot Freeman Group displayed on a digital projection on a large wallWide angle of a music stage setup with a unique concrete and wood high ceilinged space A wood pallet leaning against the wall with words carved into it&10;&10;WHERE ARE YOU&10;COMING FROM?&10;WHAT IS THE PURPOSE&10;OF YOUR VISIT?&10;HOW LONG ARE YOU STAYING FOR?

Feb 2024

Today is my birthday.

This picture is from 49 years ago. 1975, summer, Eagle Cliff Beach on Bowen Island. That’s me being held by my mom.

Feb 2024

I had an amazing intro call with part of the Besonda team this week.

It’s a non-profit focused on co-op based cohousing for BC.

I’ve been feeling that something like this needs to exist, so it’s amazing to find an org like this getting started!

#coop #cohousing #BC #housing

Feb 2024

It’s Fat / Pancake / Shrove Tuesday so I’m making Eierpfannkuchen for dinner.

Simplest recipe: 2 eggs, 1 cup milk, 1 cup flour. Pinch of salt, pinch of sugar.

I’m just getting started in the pancake mines.

#FoodWiki #German #pancakes #FatTuesday #cooking

Feb 2024

My mom made spaetzle for lunch, and had this “Landfrauen kochen - Traditionsrezepte aus Württemberg” cookbook.

Translated “Farm women cooking - traditional recipes from Württemberg”, which is an older Swabian region of Germany centered around Stuttgart.

German cookbook titled “Landfrauen kochen - Traditionsrezepte aus Württemberg”&10;&10;A woman cooking with some pretzels pictured.
Feb 2024

I watched “Union Street” tonight, a documentary about Vancouver’s historically black neighborhood of Strathcona.

Rather than being focused on displacement, it features a number of great local makers.

The Georgia Straight has a write up. Recommended!

#Vancouver #EastVan #movie #Strathcona

Feb 2024

Campaign launch for Tangara Music Player today:

Tangara is a cool, hackable, ESP32-powered music player that provides high-quality audio, long battery life, and a design that’s easy to customize, repair, and upgrade.

It’s the year of tiny hardware, so yes, I ordered one!

#music #openhardware #opensource

Feb 2024

Trapped inside or coming out to play?

A yellow cone sitting on plywood with Woodland Park behind it. Has “MATRIX” stenciled on it.
Feb 2024

Our oven bottom burner is broken. It’s going to be painful dealing with our property manager to get fixed.

But it does have me thinking about the Anova Precision Oven.

Anyone have first hand experience with it or something similar — countertop convection + steam?


Jan 2024

A picture of me cheers-ing with likely some sort of hazy fruit ale somewhere in San Francisco, Jan 27th, 2020.

Old glasses, and I look a younger and skinnier.

Cheers to a “good” 2024 everyone!


Jan 2024

Made lard by rendering pork fat in a crock pot (middle jar, white).

I added in 6 yellow onions and let that cook overnight (jar on the right).

The first jar on the left is the broth + fat I scooped out of the onions.…

#FoodWiki #food