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Jan 2024

Went to Jang Mo Jib on Robson for lunch. Had Gahl Bee Tahng with all the fixings. It’s a nice second floor space!

#FoodWiki #Korean #restaurant #Vancouver

Jan 2024

Cocktail orange for breakfast. Also known as a mandelo, for “Mandarin + Pomelo”.

All citrus are actually hybrids of mandarin, pomelo, and citron (chart via Wikipedia).

I collected some links on the FoodWiki and learned about the UC Citrus Experiment Station.

#FoodWiki #citrus

Cocktail orange cut in halfHybridization of citrus cultivars

Jan 2024

Some fun packaging at the Sungiven Foods at City Square. Sungiven is pretty great, with stores all over Metro Vancouver.

Photos are of Soda crackers (sea salt) aka shark edition, and (chive) aka caveman and dinosaur buddy.

I didn’t buy candied olives, but I did buy candied plums.

#FoodWiki #Vancouver #grocery

Soda Crackers (Sea Salt)Soda Crackers (Chives)ONETANG Candied Olive

Jan 2024

Went to the new Oidé Coffee location at the Waterfall Building near Granville Island.

Black sesame pastry is very tasty!

#FoodWiki #pastry #Vancouver

A twist? A knot? I don’t like the word cruffin. Dusted with sugar and filled with sweet black sesame.
Jan 2024

Dragon fruit for breakfast. Bought it at the Sungiven when I went to City Square Centre for Nine Dumplings yesterday.


cut open side of a dragon fruit. White flesh small black seeds and the bright red skin of the fruit
Jan 2024

I’m wandering around #Vancouver today.

If anyone is around in the next couple of hours, I’m going to go for lunch at Nine Dumplings.

I’ve been told it’s now in the City Square Centre food court.

I guess I’ll tag this a #FediMeetup

Jan 2024

After several months of tinkering with Cloudron, the server management system you install on your own Ubuntu server for self hosting apps, I put together some notes on it, including total costs and a description about apps / types of services it can provide.

#selfhosting #Cloudron

Dec 2023

I added Rio Friendly Meats, a butcher at 2477 E Hastings in #EastVan, to #OpenStreetMap via Organic Maps.

#Vancouver #buylocal

Dec 2023

Learning that Apple Maps has guides (collections of places) and ability to contribute photos to places (I don’t really ever use it).

Organic Maps has bookmarks which can be organized into lists.

Here’s Bloedel Conservatory, a classic #Vancouver destination for me when it rains for weeks.

Red macaw parrots at the Bloedel ConservatoryView of tropical trees and palms looking up to the top of the Bloedel Conservatory dome

Dec 2023

I think the future is divergent mutual incomprehension and that’s good.

Part of a post by Venkatesh Rao @vgr on Farcaster. He wrote Divergentism which goes into more detail.

Dec 2023

Installed linkding shared bookmarking on the #CommonsComputer

As written up in the link, I’m still working out how to describe these shared services.

I have an OpenCollective for #ToolsForThoughtRocks but want to set things up that people can join the commons generally.

Dec 2023

I’m on Bowen Island for the holidays visiting my parents, so here are pictures from our usual Killarney Lake walk. Views East and West from the Meadow Bridge.

#BowenIsland #CrippenPark

View east from the Meadow Bridge on Bowen Island. Old beaver dam, Killarney Creek, brown grass / marsh plants, tall dead spar of a tree, reflecting in the still creek water. View west from the Meadow Bridge on Bowen Island. Killarney Creek, brown grass / marsh plants.

Dec 2023

Tinkering with Organic Maps, realizing I only have one bookmark in it: Mirika, a cafe in Berlin with great coffee, pastries, and classic German hot lunches.

Organic Maps is no-charge, open source offline maps based on OpenStreetMap.

Screenshot of iOS Organic Maps, offline Open Street Map&10;&10;This is a bookmark I have for Mirika, a cafe in Berlin, Germany
Dec 2023

RSS and Mastodon could fit in the same app…I’d start with the social media experience: the single timeline of posts. Very simple sidebar. No article view. No read/unread status — just position in the timeline.

Brent Simmons, On Mastodon Support in NetNewsWire

#RSS #Mastodon

Dec 2023

Did you know that Skipper Otto community supported fishery has multiple #EastVan community pick up spots?

I’m picking up my last order of the season at the Off the Rail Brewing spot on Adanac off Clark: conveniently just a couple of blocks from my house.

Dec 2023

I made lasagna yesterday. Like most of my cooking, I just sort of winged it.

I did buy some ingredients earlier in the week, including Italpasta Oven Ready Lasagna Noodles.

Here’s the package recipe, also on FoodWiki along with notes on my own recipe.

A few simple ingredients come together to make this no-fuss, classic lasagna. The best part is that there's no need to cook the noodles before assembling. Just layer with the sauce and cheeses, bake and serve!&10;&10;Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Serves: 8&10;&10;Ingredients:&10;&10;1 pkg (375 g) ITALPASTA Presto Oven Ready Lasagne Noodles&10;1 lb (450 g) each ground beef and ricotta&10;2 cans (each 680 mL) pasta sauce&10;2 eggs, beaten&10;1/2 cup (125 mL) grated Parmesan&10;1/2 tsp (2 mL each salt and pepper&10;4 cups (1 L shredded mozzarella)&10;Steps:&10;&10;1. In saucepan, brown beef; drain fat. Add sauce; simmer for 20 minutes. In bowl, stir ricotta with eggs, Parmesan, salt and pepper.&10;&10;2. Spread some sauce in bottom of 13 x 9-inch (3.5 L) dish. Top with noodles; cover with sauce. Layer with noodles, sauce, ricotta mixture and mozzarella; repeat once. Finish with remaining noodles, sauce and mozzarella. Cover with foil.&10;&10;3. Bake at 375°F (190°C) for 50 minutes. Uncover; bake for 15 minutes. Rest for 10 minutes before serving.
Dec 2023

The earth is too small to eat alone

The original title The earth is too small for private dinner parties is an epilogue to a cookbook by The Frugal Gourmet....
Dec 2023

Most productivity advice is BS…The only productivity advice that matters is getting clarity on what matters to you. You just feel differently about the world when you know what you care about.

Sari Azout continues with questions on getting to clarity on this

Dec 2023

The next version of Wiki.js sounds like it could be a pretty good Gitbook replacement.

And yes, it’s a Cloudron app of course ;)

Nov 2023

Inventing the future with Doruk (mostly him)

Nov 2023

I am attending IPFS Connect in Istanbul!

And also testing the Sparkles micropub client posting to MicroDotBlog, which has an RSVP type.

Nov 2023

That’s what social media did for people. We could click on a reply button, and in the same place we were reading, address a response specifically to that person, creating a thread. A conversation. There’s basically no way to do that in blogs or using RSS”

Stephen Downes, Different from blogging

Oct 2023

Spooky Postcard Show at Tangible Interaction /Ironworks Building. Rachael made some paper cut spooky eyeballs to put in the show.

Oct 2023

Mah Milk Bar on Victoria Drive is now open:

Mah Milk Bar is part neighbourhbood grocery store and part cozy coffee shop. We are passionate about supporting local brands, making delicious coffee and creating a warm, welcoming spot for the community to meet!

Tasty coffee & chai!

Fife Bakery Sourdough plus some jams jellies and other jarsHouse of Funk beans and the full dry goods display. Just a few tables indoors, seating outside too. A little fridge and a few farm direct veggies

Oct 2023

“All the Little Fires”, a painting by Leanne Romak currently at the Hearth Gallery on Bowen Island.

The description is by her uncle of how moonshine got made in 1940s Manitoba.

Put (sugar) in a barrel with yeast and water. Add some barley, wheat, potatoes. Not in the house because the police come check. Put it in the bush.