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Apr 2010

I <3 taxes AKA government trapped by an ever-shrinking stream of revenue

That’s why the push to repeal the HST is more dangerous than it might appear. It’s a Trojan Horse for more general forms of anti-tax sentiment, and if it is somehow successful it would establish a very dangerous precedent, a template that anti-tax groups would use to challenge any and all future tax increases. In such an environment future governments, regardless of their partisan orientation, would be hopelessly constrained, trapped by an ever-shrinking stream of revenue and forced to outsource, downsize, and otherwise remove itself from areas of enterprise and activity in which government currently acts. The danger in rallying against the HST is that it represents another rejection of taxation itself and of the idea that we as citizens have to pay for the services that we receive. From where I sit, in the long run that’s a far more significant threat to our prosperity as individuals, as British Columbians, and as Canadians than a few extra cents here and there in new taxes.

No, really, I *do* love taxes. I'm not a huge fan of what various elected political parties do with them, but that's on us as the governed to fix and make better.

But I'm a fan of the greater good, and a society that supports it. If I wasn't, I'd go live in the US.

And really, if the 'Zalm is against it…

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