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Jul 2010

Loaves from the local baker vs. the local hypermarket

Let me explain - and allow to me to over-generalize for a moment. Let's say you want a loaf of bread. How many of us will pay an extra 15-30% for a loaf from the local baker, versus a loaf from the local hypermarket? Yet, because we won't, the bakery - and its jobs - vanish.

After all, why would you pay a slight premium, for goods that are substitutes? Except, of course, they're not - really. Your bakery has radically different incentives than your local hypermarket, and might just offer you a significantly higher level of artisanship, skill, service - and trust. Yet, it's exactly those we don't seem to value.

Tuesday I attended an event at Joel Solomon's place hosting Woody Tasch, talking about the Slow Money Alliance.

Thanks to Joel for opening his house so everyone could hear Woody share his views, and get some thought and discussion flowing as well.

A question / comment I expressed to Woody is that I am uncomfortable with the label of investor applied to myself (and yes, with those that know my Bootup context, that is some what ironic). And for many, I think "investor" is not a good rallying cry.

As per the quoted text above from Umair Haque, making that sort of local, personal _movement_ happen is something I feel more comfortable with.

Supporter seems too weak a word. Yes, I would like to invest. I would like to invest my support, vs. the local hypermarket.