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Aug 2010

A long time ago, before psychiatry and rum /via @kevinmarks

A long time ago, before psychiatry and rum, I seriously considered a job in intelligence.  Among other things I had some Russian, and I knew another guy who was fluent in Russian and was actively being recruited by the CIA.    He decided not to do it because... his Dad wouldn't let him.  At that time it struck me as curious that you'd be more worried about your dad than the Russians, but I have since understood: we were living in a time where there was no right and wrong, no objective truths, all things were relative except the inviolable Law of Growing Up American:  go to college, then get a job.  Your dad's sole purpose was to make sure you followed that rule.   If you raped a murder victim then your Dad would get you a good lawyer, but if you showed any proclivity towards anything other than a future 9 to 5 in a field he understood, it was your ass.

I'll grant you up front that Scott probably suffers from a mixture of ennui and myopia and absolutely no chance of STDs, who apparently feels neither shame in nor fear about sabotaging his job prospects by appearing in these photographs, to the fury of every American other American who sees them:

This is commentary on an article in the NYT about a college grad that hasn't been able to find a job in 2 years since he graduated. Except, he hasn't started anything himself and he turned down the one he was offered.

Read the whole thing.

Yeah, I don't think that anyone that uses the Internet as part of job screening is going to be hiring Scott.