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Sep 2010

China is investing in multiple "moon shots" - modern airports, high speed rail, bioscience & electric cars

Kevin Czinger, Coda’s C.E.O., who drove me around Manhattan in his company’s soon-to-be-in-production electric car last week, laid out what is going on. The backbone of the modern U.S. economy was locally made cars powered by locally produced oil. It started us on a huge growth spurt. In recent decades, though, that industry was supplanted by foreign-made cars run on foreign oil, so “now every time we buy a car we’re exporting $15,000 of capital, paying for it with borrowed money and running it on foreign energy sources,” says Czinger. “We’ve gone from autos being a middle-class-making-machine to a middle-class-destroying-machine.” A U.S. electric car/battery industry would reverse that.

I recently read about a supercomputer that is being built in China as well, so call that moon shot number 5.

This is targeted at a US audience, and says to bet on electric cars. What should Canada bet on?