Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

Mar 2011

Waking Derek


Last night I attended Derek Miller's living wake.

Coming home and thinking about it last night and today, this is the picture I've had in mind.

Or rather, this is the moment in time that I had in mind. I thought for sure that Kris had taken the picture that I was seeing in my minds eye. (No, he took this one).

What I had in my minds eye was the much cooler version of Derek that walked up moments before this photo was taken. Long hair, head phones. Some kind of musician? Pretty cool, pretty "hip" to be coming to this blogging conference.

We make small talk, and I get him to pose, and he pulls this face. But it doesn't matter, because browsing all those old ("this photo was taken 73 months ago") photos, friends, those experiences at Northern Voice, I see the long haired cool guy in my minds eye.

And that's the first time I met Derek. It's been a pleasure.