Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

May 2011

"It is weird to know where your food comes from" /via @tonynicalo

The only peace of mind that exists in our current food system seems a kind of Orwellian trick- it is weird to know where your food comes from. By making it normal to not know, you don’t have to worry about it too much. We are beginning to see cracks in the sarcophagus with the occasional beef or peanut butter recall, the fear of food from China and the rise of local food on the fringes. But it is still mainly out of sight out of mind. Foodtree envisions a solution to the ills of our runaway food system by eliminating information asymmetry. It only takes a couple of times for you to be able to choose something you know the provenance of to remind you that it is actually bizarre to NOT know the source of your food.

It's great to be working with Tony and the rest of the Foodtree team on this mission.

While we joke about meeting the chicken that we're going to eat or joke about being "those people" that ask where stuff is from - it's important.

If you want to hear more from Tony, he's going to be speaking at the Raincity Chronicles this Wednesday - tickets at Firehall Arts Centre.