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Jun 2011

Any cult of Cthulhu paleos out there?

With all these threads on religion, I felt rather left out :( So anyone out there who follows the great Elder gods? How do you deal with the prohibition on eating cephalopods? I miss calamari :(

What about the commandment to eat as many cute and cuddly animals as you possibly can? I have so much trouble with this one. Yesterday I ate 12 hamsters I stole from a crying preschooler and then devoured a small puppy, but then I remembered I also had a baby bunny wearing a polka dot bow to eat in the fridge. I just couldn't eat any more though.

I used to have a Cthulhu obsession in University. Through a strange twist of fate, it has ended up as a codename / meme at work. Cthulhu diets came up, and of course Google found this.