Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

Nov 2011

Bowen relaxing


We're finally on Bowen again. The Remembrance Day long weekend is a perfect little recharge before the Eastside Culture Crawl coming up next weekend.

It's pouring rain, so it's not exactly pleasant to be outside, but I finally have a new rain jacket so I'm dry.

Short walks between places of refuge are the way to go. My parents' place is always comfortable, with the wood stove throwing off a pleasant heat, unlimited mugs of coffee, and the special pleasure of being warm while the world outside is blustery.

Rachael and I are at Artisan Eats, looking down the hill and across Howe Sound at a world lost in mist and rain. "that ferry looks like an iceberg", says Rachael. "all it's details lost, and just the bare white outline showing."

I am sketching out tech designs on paper, writing this blog, and casting my mind forward across near- and long-term time horizons. Could-be's and what-if's swirling.