Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

Dec 2011

"The giving and receiving of presents…[is] no longer part of my culture" /via @Downes

So, for me, the giving and receiving of presents has never since been a part of the Christmas season. Nor do I exchange gifts for birthdays or other events. It's no longer part of my culture. That's not to say I no longer give gifts; I have on occasion surprised people with my largesse. But I don't give gifts on a schedule; I don't give gifts because it's expected.

I like to give gifts. Like Downes, I like to give them at odd times, not at "expected" times. I would like to completely exit the gifts on the right occasion cycle.

I also have a complicated relationship with gifts because there have been many years where money has been very tight. So there is often a high degree of guilt related to buying gifts, whether for myself or others. That it's a splurge (whether it is or not), that it is a bad thing that I am spending this money.

I am also annoyed with the Coca Cola Christmas that we have in North America. I really enjoy some of the community Winter Solstice celebrations that happen, and I always look forward to Christmas as down time. It's a time to tinker with projects -- which for me is usually a mix of web / tech projects, plus experiments in the kitchen.

In any case -- have a happy holiday. Enjoy your down time.