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Jun 2012

The way supports domain names is messy. automatically removes the “www” from all URLs. Mapping the “www” subdomain is not supported.
via Map a Subdomain — Support —

This is weird and messy. Either I can move my DNS / name servers to (which I am not comfortable doing - best practice is to keep your name servers separate from your hosting, so you can redirect if necessary).

Or, I can choose a subdomain.

So, this is now I will likely move to Octopress & an Amazon S3 bucket as well. Although I’m not sure that I need that top level domain doing anything, so for now, www and the root domain both redirect here.

Tumblr and Posterous both support root A records (which is messy because it ties into a single IP) as well as subdomain CNAMEs including www. If supported ‘www’, this would be a non-issue.

I guess this is another example of picking your use cases / target customers. Either host your full name servers with and they’ll handle everything, or be OK with the downsides of a non-www subdomain.