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Jun 2012

Wok fried spot prawns

Modified from a recipe for Hong Kong-style ketchup prawns. Except I don’t keep ketchup in the house, so it’s a chili sauce + tomato paste + agave.


Peanut oil in a wok, with 3 cloves garlic + some large chunks of ginger and a couple of kaffir lime leaves.


A bunch of green onions, and a bunch of basil. These went in after the chili sauce.


I brought back some arbol chilis from Mexico. Used a couple of tablespoons of it, then added a teaspoon of tomato paste plus a teaspon or so of agave syrup. After the prawns went into the hot oil, then I added this sauce. A couple of tablespoons of soy sauce were added at the same time as the greens went in.


Prawns cooking.


Finished product on the table. First time I’ve eaten a lot of shells, plus eaten the insides of the head. Next time, I should’ve used less peanut oil and gotten the shells even crispier before adding more sauce and greens.