First meal at Lucky Noodle

Just came back from my first meal at Lucky Noodle, which is a Hunan-style Chinese restaurant at 3377 Kingsway (a couple of blocks east of Joyce).

I heard about it from reading Fernando’s blog review about it, plus Roland saw the same thing and has been wanting to try it.

We missed Roland this time, but Rachael and I were joined by Mark and Andrea.

We followed Fernando’s recommendations, but with only 4 of us had to order less.

The “code” we remembered from the menu numbers was B, I, L, #73, #37, #64. The dishes were (not in the same order):

  • Squid & Chinese Mushroom Hot Plate
  • Lamb with Cumin
  • Boiled Chicken with Special Sauce
  • Grilled Green Peppers
  • Chopped Potatoes with Chili Oil
  • Chinese Bacon with Bamboo Shoots

The bacon was house made Hunan style - smoky & spicy.

We also had some rice on the side, to cool our mouths from the very spicy dishes.

The meal was great, and we’ll definitely be back to try other dishes.







Boris Mann @boris