Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

May 2013

Spot prawn dinner


Helped make a delicious dinner with friends last night. We had spot prawns fresh from the dock and made them three ways.

One was raw, and they were so sweet. Including some brain sucking.

The second way was spicy with hot pepper paste, red onions, and fresh tomatoes sautéed in butter & olive oil.

The last was in a cream sauce. We made a roux and then added prawn broth from boiling heads & shells, plus cream. We added Parmesan and green peas, and added in a handful of minced, browned garlic. The nuttiness of the garlic went well with the sweet peas and cream. We served this over fresh fettuccine.

Hmm - I guess technically four ways. We took the boiled heads & tossed with hot chilli paste, garlic, red onion, peanut oil, sesame oil, and some more garlic and broiled them in the oven. Best when deep fried, but the shells do get softer & you crunch them & the lovely brains and they’re very good.

(Photo by @mightyvanilla)