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Aug 2016

An Idiot, Blogging

An Idiot, Blogging

There is a great little post floating around that tells us to Blog, You Idiots.

Having recently setup a publication here on Medium where my proper writing goes, I can potentially feel freer to scribble things here that aren’t long, or well thought, or really about anything. Just a blog post.

But then I think about how this post will be married to its Medium URL, so I don’t really own it. And having a Domain of One’s Own is something that I care about. Really care about, so much so that moving on to decentralized systems is actually what we should be doing.

So maybe I’ll post on my little Tumblr, where I own the domain and small, personal things like my garden have a home.

But really, if I’m going to experiment with decentralized systems, shouldn’t I be writing over on Steemit?

Or maybe I’ll just hit post.