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Aug 2016

Why cross-post to Medium?

Why cross-post to Medium?

Medium is both blogging interface and network. Just like Tumblr is. Any reason you don’t cross post to Tumblr? Or to Facebook Posts?

I see your posts here, and sometimes like them. But I don’t think of them as real posts. I know you’re cross posting, and I know you don’t really engage here. I’ll go to your site directly and comment if I feel strongly about it. If I were to link to a post of yours, I’d link to the URL on your site.

I enjoy Medium-the-blogging-interface and post my long form writing to a publication, with my own domain. I recommend it to people. Even without getting your own domain, if it makes people hit publish rather than not blogging, that’s great.

There are various other interface features I like. Responses are better than comments for me-the-commenter. More like a reblog on Tumblr. I’d never write something this long in your comments. Highlights, Twitter and other embeds.

I also enjoy Medium-the-network. I did see your post here and am responding to it. I use it a bit like an RSS reader of old, the discovery is pretty good, and I follow several tags. I don’t think a lot of people know about tag following, and I find good stuff from it. I can recommend something. I can highlight good passages.

But all of these network features mean you need to hang out here.

Do you want a few extra views? Do you consider it a service for Medium-the-network? Then maybe you should cross post.

But it feels like more work for you, and it isn’t your real site.

If I were to try and answer the question for some other random blogger who isn’t Brad Feld, who just wants to capture a few extra eyeballs and clicks, I’d say No! Please don’t cross-post. And I’d ask Medium to tweak their algorithm to down vote cross posts.

It’s been fun after 15 years of blogging to have these types of meta discussions again.