Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

Dec 2016

First Thoughts on the Occipital Bridge

Anyone who programs for iOS today who wants to make the jump to the next gen should be buying this and trying to build apps and interactions.

We are going to need to retrain an entire industry from 2D to 3D. A solution that sits on top of the existing mobile ecosystem is exactly what we need.

Occipital supports Unity with a plugin for exciting VR content. But I’m excited about the opposite: a mobile Mixed Reality solution where you can program natively on iOS, rather than having to learn Unity first.

As I pointed out in my VR will be Mobile article, there are roughly 200M iPhone sales annually. How many of those can we start prototyping Mixed Reality on top of today with this solution? What developer platforms will emerge that can bridge to next-gen hardware? What interactions and UX/UI lessons will we learn?

Developers, developers, developers. You now have the capability and invitation to start working on mixed reality.