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Apr 2017

Frustrated with Google Docs

Frustrated with Google Docs

This is very close to the system I use. However, I’ve become really frustrated with Google Docs. It is (ironically) very difficult to find things, and (more importantly) the mobile app interface makes it hard to edit or review docs in anything smaller than a tablet.

I still use Google Apps for Domains to run email and calendaring, but I only use Sheets for complex budget scenarios and other financial forecasting. Everything else is in Dropbox.

And, specifically, we’ve been experimenting with using Dropbox Paper. It’s nice to be able to use one app that can @-mention people, link to other docs like a wiki, and has a great mobile client for quick note taking.

The sharing model is like Dropbox itself, which means you can only share top level folders, but other than that I’m very happy with where the product is heading.