Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

May 2017

Setting out for the Frontier

We’re also exploring working with existing startups in different ways. Adrian and I’ve always informally mentored & advised early stage startups. Frontier works with select founding teams in an advisory role, working on fundraising, hiring, or other special projects.

I’ve written previously what a startup foundry is, but even that was a projection and ideal model. As an operating company Frontier Foundry has the flexibility to work with companies, organizations, and individuals in different ways which we will evolve over time. Existing companies need partners because of their physical location — Vancouver, in immigration friendly Canada, with easy access to the rest of the US west coast — and/or because of their capabilities: Frontier is an organization designed for innovation and company building.

We’d be happy to chat more about what we’re doing. Check out the roles we’re hiring for now, or get in touch so we can sit down and talk further.

See you on the frontier!