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Aug 2017

Blockchain Definitions

Blockchain’ ethos of trustlessness and decentralization is in part what drives interest in it, especially by people who don’t have the background to build the technology directly.

People like Trent McConaghy may subscribe to some of these beliefs, but are also highly accomplished technologists, computer scientists, and/or cryptographers, actively working on innovations which power different tools.

Josh Stark’s recent article Making Sense of Cryptoeconomics explores similar thinking around the cross-disciplinary nature of the field:

Cryptoeconomic systems like bitcoin feel like magic to someone who views them only as a product of computer science, because bitcoin can do things that computer-science alone could never accomplish. Cryptoeconomics isn’t magic – it’s just interdisciplinary.

I’m looking forward to further evolutions and enhancements around the fields of blockchain, cryptoeconomics, and decentralized web, and how we apply our ethos to these capabilities.

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A stand of merkle trees at dusk, because Medium likes having photos. Photo by Asso Myron on Unsplash