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Dec 2020

Cognitect post on sponsoring the Clojure ecosystem

“Imagine if every company using open source were to provide tangible sponsorship, on an ongoing basis, directly to the developers of the open source libraries and tools they use and rely upon.” – Cognitect, Sponsoring Open Source Developers

So many great quotes in this article. I disagree with some of it, eg:

Open source licenses effectively preclude developers from charging for their work.

But the whole thing is laying out facts that have been obvious to some for a long time. It helps build the awareness and movement of the evolution of the concept of open source and how businesses should treat it.

With Fission, we’re just taking the first steps on this path. We’re going to blend “traditional” open source with non commercial, with users banding together to fund features, and more.

I’m really glad to have publicly posted our beliefs.