Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

Jan 2021

Regular reading, playing, and listening: intentional media

Ben Werdmüller writes up monthly reading, watching, playing, using posts. I like these type of posts, and have been enjoying writing up some of my regular habits.

I’m doing reading for books and playing for video games.

The music category would be listening, although I guess it started as Bandcamp Fridays.

I’m unlikely to do watching: I don’t intentionally watch a lot of stuff other than perhaps an evening show that Rachael and I happen to be watching.

Using could be apps, but those usually are for work and end up elsewhere, like this Open Source Company Stack wiki page that I keep adding to.

I can already think of several more video games to post about - like my way-too-many-hours in the Tales of Maj’Eyal rogue-like, or the Vermintide II that I picked up and played for a couple of hours tonight.

I’m still looking through my long term music archive for old artists to revisit, as well as figuring out Bandcamp for discovery.

Here’s to a 2021 of intentional media consumption.