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Jan 2021

Campbell's Dec 2020 Playlist

Campbell @cambel sent along a note over the holidays with a link to a Spotify playlist of some music that he has been grooving to.

Since I’m in music adventure mode, and looking to buy direct from artists as much as possible, it was a good excuse to do some research into each of the tracks.

Thanks for sharing, Campbell!

Machine Gun, by Commodores

Only thing I could find on Bandcamp this remix by Jayphies. Which is pretty great!

Released in 1974, it’s an all instrumental track with lots of synthesizer. More on Songfacts:

1974 marked the first signs of disco, as R&B was morphing into something with a little more boogie. This is a great example of that sound, an instrumental song by the Commodores, who were recently signed to Motown Records. This was their first single.

The original is on YouTube. The comment on that video: “Machine Gun has only funk music and is devoid of slow-paced ballads.”

Zombie, by Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti has an entire page of albums on Bandcamp. Here’s the Zombie track from the Zombie album:

In my collection, I already had the two disc set1 from 2000, The Best of Fela Kuti, which includes the Zombie track.

I’ll also recommend the nearly 16 minute long Roforofo Fight:

Spitfire, by Public Service Broadcasting

Nothing on Bandcamp, here it is on Youtube:

Genre is listed as Dance/Electronic – but kind of chill at the same time.

Here’s a direct link to the track on Deezer. Never heard of Deezer, signing up! Here’s my borismann account liking this track.

Here’s an Android Authority review of Spotify vs Deezer.

Hit the Ground Running, by Smog

Smog is on Bandcamp, but only the Cold Blooded Old Times track is available for preview.

Here’s the Hit the Ground Running on Youtube:

And on Deezer.

Voice and lyrics reminds me a bit of Andrew Vincent and the Pirates which I shared back in July, except Smog is a little slower tempo.

Autumn Sweater, by Yo La Tengo

Just one album on Bandcamp, here it is on YouTube:

Here’s a cover by Hunting Bears:

I have the “And then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out” in my collection, from 2000. It probably sticks in my mind because of the strange name, but I do like Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House:

Human Performance, by Parquet Courts

Sea of Love, by Cat Power

Wow, there are a ton of covers of this song on Bandcamp. One the 2018 Wanderer album is on Bandcamp, so here’s YouTube:

Here’s an electronic cover I particularly liked:

Florence-Jean, by Damien Jurado

On YT:

And a cover on Bandcamp:

Doll Parts, by Hole

1994! Other than Oasis, probably the most “commercial” track on this list. From 1994, on YT:

Lots of covers on Bandcamp. I listened to a couple of them, a lot of them are just bad, several others are just super basic :)

I’m a 90s kid (graduated high school in 93, university from 95 to 99) so this is right in my prime music listening years.

In fact, I made a smart playlist of 1990 to 2000, and I have 3,300+ songs from that timeframe! That of course includes things like the Fela Kuti best of that came out in 2000, so not totally accurate.

Champagne Supernova, by Oasis

This is the “official HD remastered video” on YT:

And yes, many covers on Bandcamp.

  1. “two disc set” just sounds so quaint in 2021, but that’s how I would have bought it, and then converted it in iTunes. ↩︎