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Jan 2021

Not Played: working my way through my music collection, and listening to Primus (again)

I’ve got myself setup to go through my “old” music collection, carried through into this digital streaming future through my iTunes Match subscription. Funny enough, I still think of “gigs of music” – as in, how many GB of space does the music take up.

I checked, and I’ve got 11,279 songs, which totals 32.7 days worth of music, or 73GB of music.1

I haven’t really used or setup the iTunes Music app in a long time. That is, no stars and curated playlists and such. I’m not used to investing in a desktop music player like this.2

I made a “Not Played” smart playlist which just gives me songs that haven’t been played in 2 months. It’s been a nice start, shuffling through all sorts of different music, dropping a ❤️ here and there for songs to come back to, making it so that Christmas music and Dave’s Jamaican podcast files don’t hit the shuffle in the future.

Primus came on, The Devil Went Down to Georgia (I don’t think I’ve ever seen this video, it’s amazing!):

Did I want to be listening to Primus? You know what, this track isn’t even weird, it’s just a great tune. Aside from the Rhinoplasty album that has this Devil song on it (1998), I also have Pork Soda (1993) in my collection.

Which of course, made me go and look: yep, Primus on Bandcamp. The newest album is The Desaturating Seven (2017).

Here’s a comment:

If you enjoy the trio Primus especially at their weirdest then this is the Claypool Concept album for you. It grows on you after each listen, I promise.

Here’s the one preview track from the album:

Wow, from 1993 to 2017 and back again. I guess I’m listening to Primus, again.

  1. I had to look up how to find total music library size. Open Apple Music on desktop, click on “Songs”, and then under the View menu, select Show Status Bar and the numbers will display at the bottom of the window. ↩︎

  2. And, I’ve gotten “algorithm lazy” – Amazon Prime Music or Spotify just serving up various songs. Don’t get me wrong, the algorithms surface some interesting things, but it’s only when I look artists up (prompted by that one track listen), that I really feel like I’m listening. ↩︎