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Jan 2021

Cultural deafness and controversy in tech debates, by @baldur

We may all be writing in English, debating in English, and working in English, but the web dev scene is thoroughly multicultural even though online discourse doesn’t seem capable of taking that into account.

@baldur Cultural deafness and controversy in tech debates

What a great post. I’ve experienced this for 20 years, being of German background but growing up in Canada. I can more easily translate from what appear to be blunt German commands when typed in English.

This came up in the recent discussion with Rosano, who pointed to Ramsey Nasser’s Arabic programming language.

But @baldur’s post is more about the tone and style of English use, which differs by culture. The average American or Canadian gets afraid or agitated by an intense argument.

I know I get energized by them, and am looking for a counterpoint who fights hard enough to get me to change my “strong opinions loosely held”.

Web dev culture is an anglophone culture.

We can’t change that.

But maybe we should, at the very least, try and make it less American