Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

Jun 2023

We’re having a #DWebYVR catch-up in the collective garden at Scotia & East 4th.

It’s run by coFoodVancouver which is all about collaboration + food.

It’s my first time here. It reminds me of the back deck at c-base in Berlin a bit.

Community Guidelines poster that I’ll get the text for later, a chalk board with a message that begins “relax while giving life to the plants, watch as they grow and flourish…”&10;&10;And a sign that says Quiet Zone, 10pm - 7amPlanting beds and climbing trellis with signs along the top explaining CoFoodVancouver with links to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram as well as their website. Picture from the south west corner bench, wide angle of some chairs under a covering to the right, a low table / work area, a container micro-farm.