Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

Jul 2023

Community Pizza on The Drive is close to us and has a delightfully shady patio for when it’s hot.

  • Building mural
  • Breakfast Pie, except pizza
  • Avocado Toast, also pizza
  • Flight of beers, all sours & radlers…


Community Pizza on Commercial Drive. View of the mural on the south side of the building from the park side patio.Breakfast Pie Pizza - sausage, bacon, poached egg, jalapeño, hollandaiseAvocado toast — smashed avos covered in arugula and cherry tomatoes on top of cheese & Detroit pizza crust Flight of 4 beer tasters in shades of orange and pink - with a print out listing them &10;&10;Strathcona Beach Radler&10;1 22. FL Main Street Hula Shake&10;1 24. FL Superflux Cheesecake&10;1 25. FL Powell Mango&10;1 Fentimans Rose Lemonade