Boris Mann’s Personal Blog

Sep 2023

I’m in St. Louis for a conference and went to a cute local coffee shop, Goshen Coffee.

I’m slowly starting to gather coffee shop stickers on my travel mug.

Also pictured: wall of colourful bean packaging, dogs of Goshen, and seasonal beans.

Goshen Coffee wall of things you can buy with their cool branding. Goshen Coffee wall of  Polaroids of their dog friends labeled “Goshen Dogs”Seasonal menu at Goshen Coffee&10;&10;COSTA RICA&10;DANILO SALAZAR HONEY tastes like fruit punch, melon, stone fruits, apple&10;&10;SECRET STASH&10;LOS RODRIGUEZ NATURAL tastes like mandarin, florals, strawberry candyGoshen Coffee Stickers - you can have one for free so I bought all the rest. I’m going to bring it back to Timbertrain my local.