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Oct 2023

I have been looking for a fresh Asian noodle source in Vancouver for a long time.

I bought some Win Full Ramen at Donalds and made it for lunch today: the ramen was excellent.

And Win Full Foods seems awesome: looks like you can pick up from their store in East Van.

Win Full Ramen - front of package. 4 bundles of ramenWin Full Ramen - back of package. &10;&10;Our approach is simple - for over two decades, we've used premium local ingredients to craft the perfect noodle products for our customers in both homes and restaurants. All products are locally made with pride.&10;&10;Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, egg, kansui, salt, tapioca starch, corn starch, calcium propionate, food color yellow.&10;&10;Cooking Direction: Prepare broth and garnish. Loosen noodles and cook in a large pot of boiling water for 1 and half to 2 min stirring constantly. Drain the noodles and serve them right away in broth. Enjoy

Oct 2023

From Robin Sloan’s latest I learned about the singer Lorde’s newsletter:

it feels like…a long rambly email from a (very smart, hugely successful) friend. Lorde’s messages do not belong to the internet of Twitter or Instagram

Quoting Lorde:

Everyone’s gotten really good at the same thing.

Sep 2023

I’m in St. Louis for a conference and went to a cute local coffee shop, Goshen Coffee.

I’m slowly starting to gather coffee shop stickers on my travel mug.

Also pictured: wall of colourful bean packaging, dogs of Goshen, and seasonal beans.

Goshen Coffee wall of things you can buy with their cool branding. Goshen Coffee wall of  Polaroids of their dog friends labeled “Goshen Dogs”Seasonal menu at Goshen Coffee&10;&10;COSTA RICA&10;DANILO SALAZAR HONEY tastes like fruit punch, melon, stone fruits, apple&10;&10;SECRET STASH&10;LOS RODRIGUEZ NATURAL tastes like mandarin, florals, strawberry candyGoshen Coffee Stickers - you can have one for free so I bought all the rest. I’m going to bring it back to Timbertrain my local.

Sep 2023

However, browsers selling users to search engines to keep the web going is a bit like selling weapons in a war zone to bankroll cancer research.

Robin Berjon suggests that we need to fix search on the Internet. And yes it means figuring out how to fund browsers, too.

Sep 2023

“I think I’ve reduced the amount of blood in my caffeine system to an acceptable level, if that’s what you mean.”

Revelation Space, Alistair Reynolds

#quote #book #reading #scifi 📚

““I think I’ve reduced the amount of blood in my caffeine system to an acceptable level, if that’s what you mean.”&10;&10;Alastair Reynolds, Revelation Space, The Inhibitor Trilogy Book 1
Sep 2023

That thing where it’s been a long week, but it’s also been too long since you cooked a proper meal, and that proper meal is delicious pulled pork, but you don’t have a dishwasher, and you have to slog through a mountain of dishes.

Aug 2023

I’m in London, Ontario for the week. We’ve explored a couple of “variety stores”, which are corner cafes / brunch / diner places.

Here’s brunch at The Bag Lady Variety. Shared a cinnamon swirl French toast with maple syrup, side of bacon, and fruit bowl. Plus 50s-60s Canadiana. Ceramic poodles!

Cinnamon swirl French toast with blueberries and strawberries and powdered sugar, with real maple syrup in a shot glass, side 3 strips of bacon. Seasonal fruit bowl. Strawberries, blueberries, apple slices, kiwi, blackberries. All the plates and such are mis matched old ceramics and Pyrex. One wall is covered in shelving that in this case has lots of ceramic poodles, commemorative plates. Out of frame is 70s lunch boxes and thermos. Old cookbooks and so on. Close up of pink and black ceramic poodle salt and pepper shakers, nose to nose.

Aug 2023

Was at Raincity Games at International Village Mall.

Bought Teenage Mutant Dirtbags (mutant animals with attitude) & Scum and Villainy (scifi space capers using Forged in the Dark).

Plus photos of Faerie Fire & Witch-Craft by local #Vancouver makers, & Dialect about language.

Raincity Games in International Village MallTeenage Mutant Dirtbags TTRPG book cover. Anthropomorphic tree frogs with sushi and more. Faerie Fire and Witch-Craft are two source books written by local Vancouver authors. Dialect - a game about language and how it dies. Going to share this with depatchedmode

Aug 2023

Pastries at Nemesis Coffee on Hastings in #Vancouver

The cruffins are the most decadent, like blueberry pavlova.

Wide angle photo of the glass display of pastries at the counter of Nemesis
Aug 2023

The Subconscious Beta is out now.

The client app going into beta is a single player MVP.

But underneath the Noosphere protocol syncs and links notes and files planetwide, talks IPFS, and is open source.

Blogging, round two, but for tools for thought.

Aug 2023

HTML (Birthday) in the park

In August 1991, the first website was published. We’re celebrating 32 years of HTML with a hangout in the park!

A fun ongoing event in #Toronto. Join them Saturday, Aug 19th, 2-5pm in Dovercourt Park. Bring your own HTML writing machine!

Aug 2023

re:Mix is a kitchen blender which you use with your own glass jars. It’s made in Berlin and “open source”, and the intent is for others to build & sell in their local region.

This is a model I’ve been waiting to appear! Who wants to build in Vancouver / BC?

Aug 2023

Spent some time working out of Timbertrain Depot.

On my way out, I got to taste test this espresso tonic with orange juice.

Choice of name was “Orange is the new Black” (overplayed in my opinion) or “Clockwork Orange” (dark, mysterious, my vote). Delicious with a fruity bright Ethiopian bean.

Aug 2023

jwz writes up some Mastodon’ts. The big one is to give the original post (OP) control over replies in the thread. So an OP is more like a blog.

I initially thought this was a bad idea, but yeah, if you’re doing a In Reply To, you shouldn’t get to ride along the OP reach.

Aug 2023

From Scout Magazine comes word of Mah Milk Bar opening on Victoria Drive in the old South China Seas location.

In Australia [a milk bar is] a go-to spot for daily basics, synonymous with a corner store

This sounds like a great community oriented place!

#Vancouver #EastVan

Jul 2023

Hanging outside with Kaz the cat for his evening outdoor time on the deck. Last night in Nanaimo, back home in Vancouver tomorrow.

A cat sneaks by on a deck with a blue sky
Jul 2023

Picture of the New Brighton Park Pool from yesterday. Not many people and amazing cloud formations over the north shore mountains.

We’re making Mondays our swim night.

#Vancouver #EastVan #swimming

Jul 2023

Just got my Similkameen Valley variety pack of wine dropped off.

Here’s a quick photo of the label for Pamplemousse Jus. I’ll add all the bottles to the FoodWiki later.

My hand holding a wine bottle against a wood floor. The label says:&10;&10;PAMPLEMOUSSE JUS&10;&10;2022 Gew/Leon&10;Co-ferment&10;&10;Que du vin nature&10;Pas de pamplemousse ici&10;À boire sans chi-chi&10;&10;Labels by Sarah Kerfort Design&10;11% alc/vol 750 ml&10;rosé wine/vin rosé
Jul 2023

This post by Devon Zuegel describing the unconference toolkit is great.

I’ve been meaning to write down something similar, this is an amazing resource to share.

What is an #unconference ?

  • participant-driven
  • a shared project
  • choose-your-own-adventure
  • the board is the center of the event
Jul 2023

Community Pizza on The Drive is close to us and has a delightfully shady patio for when it’s hot.

  • Building mural
  • Breakfast Pie, except pizza
  • Avocado Toast, also pizza
  • Flight of beers, all sours & radlers…


Community Pizza on Commercial Drive. View of the mural on the south side of the building from the park side patio.Breakfast Pie Pizza - sausage, bacon, poached egg, jalapeño, hollandaiseAvocado toast — smashed avos covered in arugula and cherry tomatoes on top of cheese & Detroit pizza crust Flight of 4 beer tasters in shades of orange and pink - with a print out listing them &10;&10;Strathcona Beach Radler&10;1 22. FL Main Street Hula Shake&10;1 24. FL Superflux Cheesecake&10;1 25. FL Powell Mango&10;1 Fentimans Rose Lemonade

Jul 2023

Evening walk with some murals in an alley, and ending in gelato (peanut butter for Rachael, cherry mania + raspberry lemonade for me)

Murals of three female heads on garage doors in an alley Hands holding two cups of ice cream. Peanut butter in the back, cherry mania and raspberry lemonade in the front.

Jul 2023

New Brighton Park Pool in #EastVan

We like to go swimming at least once a week in the evenings. Last night it was really empty — maybe 20 people total.

The sky, sun, and mountain views are all amazing and we always enjoy our swim. Lucky to have our #Vancouver public pools.

View from the change rooms over the pool and across to the North Shore mountains. Amazing blue skies with whispy clouds North west corner over the pool deck looking over to the mountains under blue skies and high clouds.

Jul 2023

Got out of a movie tonight and saw this amazing sky above #Vancouver on the way home.

The sky at Fifth and Burrard, looking upThe sky, looking up and north west from Fifth at Burrard

Jun 2023

We’re having a #DWebYVR catch-up in the collective garden at Scotia & East 4th.

It’s run by coFoodVancouver which is all about collaboration + food.

It’s my first time here. It reminds me of the back deck at c-base in Berlin a bit.

Community Guidelines poster that I’ll get the text for later, a chalk board with a message that begins “relax while giving life to the plants, watch as they grow and flourish…”&10;&10;And a sign that says Quiet Zone, 10pm - 7amPlanting beds and climbing trellis with signs along the top explaining CoFoodVancouver with links to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram as well as their website. Picture from the south west corner bench, wide angle of some chairs under a covering to the right, a low table / work area, a container micro-farm.

Jun 2023

I went to the New Media Gallery “DUST” exhibition today.

These are pictures of two of the pieces, Herman Kolgen’s Dust Surface (video on flat panels), and Michael Saup’s DustVR (particulate live sensor data with VR visualization).

The 3rd piece has a gasp worthy surprise that I’ll leave secret.

Adrian and Paulina view Herman Kolgen’s piece “Dust Surface” with 4 screens laid flat showing black and white images over a 10 minute loop.DustVR, by Michael Saup. Three chairs with Oculus Rift headsets and screens behind.