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2021-09-27: I am once again astounded by the way that TiddlyWiki is a #ToolsForThought app platform. Check out …

2021-09-06: As part of helping to launch the new @tiddlywiki forum, I looked at exporting data from Discourse …

2021-09-01: A walk before dinner down to the Lagoon on #bowenisland. 1) Looking across Deep Bay to the mountains …

2021-08-29: Going to be on Bowen Island for the week. Working, but with a very nice change of scenery. Went for …

2021-08-19: Nature is healing. Afternoon coffee at @revolver_coffee with @expede @midijeffg @rtanglao

2021-08-15: Feeling locked in by open source Ton wrote a post about his usage of the Post Kinds plugin for WordPress and used the word “lock in”. …

2021-08-11: Nanaimo day trip: breakfast at Gabriel’s, Neck Point Park, Chris & Erin at White Rabbit Coffee. …

2021-08-11: Heading to Nanaimo for a day trip. Looking back up Howe Sound as the sun rises.

2021-08-10: I tried out the Franklin Food Lab in my #EastVan neighbourhood this week: frozen ramen! I bought two …

2021-08-01: Went to the Imperfect Offerings show at the RAG yesterday. I was blown away by Naoko Fukumaru’s …

2021-07-31: Making CRDTs faster, by @JosephGentle: “I want Google Docs without Google…I think [CRDTs are] the …

2021-07-25: First time back dining in at Dosanko Restaurant after almost 2 years. House made tsukemono (pickles) …

2021-07-23: “more than other networked software, tools for thought want to be owned. I don’t want to store …

2021-07-18: Tonight is our third swim in the city pool at New Brighton Park. You need to book a 1.5 hour slot, …

2021-07-13: Stopped in at the new Nemesis next to Emily Carr. Incredibly gorgeous building, filled with …

2021-07-11: Miso Pork was the “sausage of the day” at Oyama today.

2021-07-11: Kaisereck on Granville Island now has a patio. Currywurst, Schnitzel plates, and German wheat beer. …

2021-07-05: Single CLA - a contributor licensing agreement (CLA) that an individual dev only has to sign once …

2021-07-04: A long weekend on Bowen, in pictures;: shady forest walk huckleberries are ripe Crowsnest Riesling, …

2021-06-29: Amusingly, I registered ‘indiegit’ about a year ago. I went ahead and used DigitalOcean to install …

2021-06-24: I was reminded by @and_how that we’re just past the 10 year anniversary of HTML5 Summer DevFest, one …

2021-06-21: A lot of thanks are owed to Kyle Mitchell for his amazing work in pioneering, evolving, and plain …

2021-06-21: “We don’t have a theory for how human decision-making operates in an algorithm-driven online …

2021-06-21: Licenses Alone Do Not Govern Behavior in Open Source by @MWeinberg2D covers a recent case where the …

2021-06-20: Robin Sloan’s email newsletter is just a link to a web page. via Robin Rendle who talks about this …

2021-06-20: Bikes at Burnaby Lake. It was extremely sunny and hot, but with a nice breeze. We didn’t last long …

2021-06-12: Exciting development in my neighbourhood: Coho Coffee now has summer drinks including espresso …

2021-06-06: Good suggestions from @genmon: Three requests for the Google Chrome team as they experiment with RSS …

2021-06-06: “Apple has served no meaningful role in the customer acquisition and “deserves” nothing more from …

2021-06-06: Went to the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday. This giant wall mural by Lauren Brevner & James …

2021-05-24: Just ordered some live spot prawns for pick up next weekend from Skipper Otto. Sign up for this …

2021-05-18: A few pictures from today’s install of @rachaelashe’s “Patterns of Influence” show. Opens this …

2021-05-16: I’m slowly adding some of my long time startup templates and resources to @VentureScoutsCA. I just …

2021-05-16: Peace Public License, a new #EthicalSource license designed to be “a copy-farleft cooperative …

2021-05-13: I toured @stevekrueger’s new #EcomSquare coworking space yesterday at 1758 W 8th. Very excited to …

2021-05-12: Rhubarb syrup. Chop rhubarb, cover in sugar, let sit for several days. Strain to get syrup, cook …

2021-05-10: IT’S ESPRESSO TONIC SEASON AT @timbertrain!!!!! Made with Caliber Espresso and @FeverTreeMixers …

2021-05-08: We went for a walk in Burnaby’s Central Park. You can take a car share & drop it right at the …

2021-05-07: I am very excited that my local coffee shop @timbertrain Depot is going to experiment with espresso …

2021-04-21: This is a truly amazing post by @moxie and the Signal messenger team. Even if you don’t understand …

2021-04-20: Warren Ellis, commenting on Accelerando’s main protagonist Manfred Macx: “If we’re not doing …

2021-04-18: A blossom filled evening walk. Blossom lined streets, a glorious giant pink blossom tree, and what I …

2021-04-18: Alright, who is running the espresso tonic tracker in #Vancouver?

2021-04-13: I guess it’s tepache season again

2021-04-04: Easter on Bowen, continuing to help my parents move and settle in. Forest walk with first bright …

2021-03-28: I know, I know it’s the middle of the night. But I had a ton of fun making a shopping list with …

2021-03-23: I gave a talk back in Oct 2019 about #opensource licensing evolution. A good time to reflect about …

2021-03-23: I have a Ghost Pro-powered links / newsletter / subscription thing now. I wrote a first post, and it …

2021-03-21: Yesterday was spent on the North Shore. @rachaelashe has work in the art for kids show at Seymour …

2021-03-21: It’s a rainy cold day, but the cherry blossoms are coming out. Spent a couple of hours this morning …

2021-03-15: A walk to Prototype Coffee. They sell colourful potions & waffles, plus have a mirrored moss …

2021-03-13: North: up Howe Sound towards Squamish South: Passage Island, out of Howe Sound, across Burrard …

2021-03-12: Very interested in @resonatecoop’s work around Verifiable Credentials. VCs are a DID linked “proof”, …

2021-03-11: Detail of @timbertrain Depot hand made coffe cups, and crocuses blooming in the park. Sunshine time …

2021-03-10: My local park was gloriously sun-drenched today. The sun was warm on my face and my skin was just …

2021-03-07: Went for a walk along the Fraser and ended up over at the River District. We biked there to see the …

2021-03-06: After getting @mamrotynka to go to Pacific Bread Company, we went to for a walk today and stopped at …

2021-03-05: I was surprised to see QR codes in the latest edition of Cook’s Illustrated. It works pretty well, …

2021-03-04: The Pacific Bread Company has a delicious selection of pastries as always, and that’s without taking …

2021-03-02: A walk around the neighbourhood after too much time indoors. It was a nice evening, I got to pet a …

2021-03-01: Autonomic is a tech co-op that just announced “Co-Op Cloud”: “using existing open standards to …

2021-02-28: The rain and cloud have moved in today on Bowen. Plus, an incredible selection of fresh pastries …

2021-02-27: Robin Rendle, Inheritance, on the longevity (or not) of the web: “the web forgets everything …

2021-02-26: View from Artisan Suites on Bowen Island. We’re helping my parents partially move into their new …

2021-02-26: I’m very happy to have my #secondbrain notes site auto-building and publishing to @fissioncodes with …

2021-02-22: Here’s a few photos from @bloedelconserv. You book a 45min slot to wander among the plants & …

2021-02-22: A picture of me in the lobby of our apartment. It’s my birthday today. We’ll visit the Bloedel …

2021-02-20: Are you annoyed by #opensource Contributor License Agreements (CLA) assigned to a single …

2021-02-16: This past weekend I started using my new @reMarkablePaper e-ink tablet. So far, I’ve written two …

2021-02-14: Happy Valentines Day! Here are the cards Rachael and I gave each other, plus a sketch we had made in …

2021-02-13: Sitting at the breakfast table writing what will become a blog post on drop in audio. Yes, it’s a …

2021-02-11: Go read @genmon’s Memexes, mountain lakes, and the serendipity of old ideas: “And it’s interesting, …

2021-02-10: Today’s evolving #opensource licenses are part of a long line of open licenses designed to attack …

2021-02-09: I bought this Mac Mini before the M1 announcements & it’s likely my last Intel Mac. I finally …

2021-02-07: I dropped in on a Saturday night friend Zoom with some old friends from Ottawa. It was great to see …

2021-02-07: Looks like Sublime Text is moving to a subscription model, plus videos on new features, post by …

2021-02-05: Bandcamp Friday: Lambs & Wolves I realized that Bandcamp Friday is continuing, where Bandcamp passes all sales on to artists on …

2021-02-05: Yay! @louderthanten is turning 11 years old, and they’re becoming a worker-owned cooperative. …

2021-02-03: I went for a long walk in the sun along Wall Street in #eastvan. My shadow posed for pictures at the …

2021-02-03: Take out from Aleph Eatery, a Middle Eastern inspired vegan restaurant. This is the Shawarma Rice …

2021-01-31: Perfectly fitting that I’ve had @kartick_vad’s Enjoy the Best, Not The Latest, Media sitting open in …

2021-01-31: Moa Party is a Mastodon / Twitter cross posting tool by @foozmeat. I just inquired in the issue …

2021-01-31: This is one of two hot chocolate + pastry combos we got at Bench Bakehouse as part of the Vancouver …

2021-01-31: “We will know our movement is succeeding if we are contributing to privileged wealth being more …

2021-01-30: Feedback to Ben I read Ben Werdmüller’s post on his Medium experiment and started writing in his comment form, and …

2021-01-30: “Life’s too short to spend days of wall-clock time reading slightly new ways to say the same old …

2021-01-29: The new Gowalla, and open data around places I saw that Richard Eriksson shared news about the “new Gowalla”. I replied to Richard’s tweet: …

2021-01-25: “I see some tweets from people I know, but a robot locked in a basement somewhere decided the order …

2021-01-23: Unexpectedly pleased with tonight’s dinner, which I call Balti Chicken with Noodles.

2021-01-23: Via @nogoodtwts the amazing phrase “gaming surveillance systems in order to bend attention casinos …

2021-01-23: Our Saturday walk took us to the industrial waterfront views of New Brighton Park. Plant life …

2021-01-22: Yesterday’s sunny #eastvan walk. Picked up a few things at Donald’s. They have a really broad …

2021-01-22: Listening: Hotel Neon, via Flow State Unfortunately, I don’t remember at all where this link came from. Flow State is a newsletter …

2021-01-20: Today’s meetings include people in Switzerland, Chicago, New York, Oakland, and Nelson, BC. …

2021-01-20: What is great about meeting with note taking enthusiasts is that you get really good meeting notes! …

2021-01-19: Listening: theNewDeal I was delighted to find theNEWDEAL on Bandcamp! I watched them live in Ottawa when I was living …

2021-01-18: How can federated social media, with its plethora of domains and dozen or so software …

2021-01-18: “Today, the 16th day of January 2021, is the ten-thousandth day of September 1993” — viznut …

2021-01-18: My sunny lunch spot in the Woodland Park community garden, and the @timbertrain smoked meat panini …

2021-01-17: Cultural deafness and controversy in tech debates, by @baldur We may all be writing in English, debating in English, and working in English, but the web dev scene …

2021-01-16: We stopped in at Smith’s Bagelry today. Bought fresh simit (pictured), as well as a slice of San …

2021-01-16: Licorice ferns along one of the Pacific Spirit Park trails. Many good doggos out for a walk. I got …

2021-01-16: Reflecting on 20 years of Drupal & my personal mission Dries, founder of the Drupal project, posted his thoughts and wishes from 20 years. He included 3 …

2021-01-16: We’re lucky: no reported transmission at any barbers in BC. @crowsnestbarber in #eastvan chopped my …

2021-01-16: Not Played: working my way through my music collection, and listening to Primus (again) I’ve got myself setup to go through my “old” music collection, carried through …

2021-01-13: I just posted my second playlist deep dive, based on Steve McQueen’s Lovers Rock film. The Pressure …

2021-01-13: Music from Steve McQueen's Lovers Rock We watched the Lovers Rock movie, part of the Steve McQueen’s Small Axe BBC film series. …

2021-01-12: My answer to “how do you stop people using your #opensource software to do bad things?” has been …

2021-01-12: Cappuccino from @timbertrain thanks to @ewise who “sent me a coffee” over Interac. Thanks Evan! And …

2021-01-11: I discovered yesterday that the @MicroDotBlog desktop MacOS app has support for importing a data …

2021-01-10: This thread by the @HakaiInstitute cataloging what creatures made their home on a whale skeleton is …

2021-01-10: We did a walk around Burnaby Lake yesterday. We’ve got weeks of rain — and then maybe snow in …

2021-01-10: Campbell's Dec 2020 Playlist Campbell @cambel sent along a note over the holidays with a link to a Spotify playlist of some music …

2021-01-09: Listening: Jesse Bru, The Coast I don’t remember how I ended up finding Jesse Bru’s The Coast. He’s even Vancouver …

2021-01-09: “The code you depend on depends on you” @kemitchell’s commercial license sales for public software “the code you depend on depends on you” Kyle Mitchell is working on the next iteration of a …

2021-01-09: Matt Webb @genmon: social networks are getting smaller and more private — eg Discord servers or a …

2021-01-06: Read Robin Rendle on Newsletters. Which is really about making the web easier for everyone rather …

2021-01-06: I had sourdough bread success today. I’ll take it.

2021-01-06: Today’s #eastvan coffee shop is Pallet. No rain and a touch of blue sky! Plus: view from the corner …

2021-01-06: Tide data as a calendar subscription My mom recently told me that the site she used to use for subscribing to an annual calendar of local …

2021-01-05: Engineering vs writing code, @benwerd “The goal is a creative, detail-oriented [software] team that finds the best solution using the full …

2021-01-05: Today’s outside time was a rainy walk & stop in at @timbertrain depot. I’m loving the super cute …

2021-01-05: I made a bunch of small, granular TODOs today. And I got a handful of them checked off! Also …

2021-01-05: I bought my Skipper Otto 2021 membership today. It’s a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) …

2021-01-04: Playing: Monster's Den Godfall Monsters’ Den: Godfall by Monstrum Games is a turn-based RPG. You manage characters in teams …

2021-01-04: Most of my work team and many other colleagues are east of me, time zone-wise. This means my …

2021-01-04: “notfoundbot is a GitHub Action that helps you automatically maintain the correctness of your …

2021-01-04: Via Chris Wiegman’s post on leaving big tech, I learned about’s hosted Nextcloud …

2021-01-01: Regular reading, playing, and listening: intentional media Ben Werdmüller writes up monthly reading, watching, playing, using posts. I like these type of …

2021-01-01: Happy New Year! Went outside for a walk along a soggy Jericho Beach. I’ve been sick for a week, with …

2020-12-29: Reading: N. K. Jemisin's Inheritance and Alastair Reynolds' Revenger Being sick over Christmas meant that I was flat on my back with lots of time for nothing but …

2020-12-29: Playing: Deep Sky Derelicts I bought this on sale from Steam. It’s a fun sci-fi RPG, rogue-lite, turn-based card battler. …

2020-12-29: I’ve been sick with a bad flu since Christmas Day. 🤒 I went and got a COVID test first thing …

2020-12-26: I just finished N. K. Jemisin’s Inheritance Trilogy. Conveniently, it’s on sale right now.

2020-12-23: Forcing Amazon to Behave “Amazon wants to replicate every product it sells, discarding partnerships once they have their own …

2020-12-23: Roland is working remotely with shifted hours, so he often bikes down to Revolver in the afternoons, …

2020-12-23: Riad and I walked around in the rain, and then retreated for a green tea & a whiskey to catch …

2020-12-23: I ended up buying an Arturia Keystep MIDI keyboard recommended by bgins. So cool to use this in a …

2020-12-20: And so it begins. Bought the sous vide machine that Jae told me I should get. First time recipe: …

2020-12-20: The websites must work without JavaScript debate makes total sense for the document web (see recent …

2020-12-20: Cognitect post on sponsoring the Clojure ecosystem “Imagine if every company using open source were to provide tangible sponsorship, on an ongoing …

2020-12-20: I added the latest post from my blog to my home page using’s sidebar.js. @manton, can we …

2020-12-19: Actually figured Apple Family Sharing with Rachael today. But, since iTunes Match is essentially …

2020-12-18: “Facebook’s argument is along the lines of arguing that the police shouldn’t crack down on …

2020-12-18: Bandcamp Friday: Resurgam by Alias, + bonus Song Exploder and iTunes Match I’m working my way through past purchases. It’s been nice to at least spend time every …

2020-12-17: One of the new accounts I’m following: @ColorOfBerlin. Tweets Berlin sky colours. I think about …

2020-12-15: A walk around our East Van neighbourhood looking at Christmas lights. Ferndale was the most …

2020-12-14: Bandcamp Friday: Keleketla by Coldcut As recommended by @carchrae, here’s one of my Bandcamp Friday purchases: Keleketla! By …

2020-12-14: Made sourdough focaccia today. I’m getting the “sour” flavour, but only my first bread that I added …

2020-12-13: Rui on the CentOS news: “I always wondered if IBM would just sit there and continue to allow people …

2020-12-12: Here’s a really great people-centric view thinking about open source maintainers by Evan You, …

2020-12-12:, a search engine for personal websites. Found via jlelse’s blog which links to some …

2020-12-12: Branch: an online magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just internet …

2020-12-11: I’m thinking about what other feeds I want to post to I used Zapier to create a …

2020-12-11: It’s Bandcamp Friday! Purple Penguin’s De-Tuned was released 24 years ago. I was into UK …

2020-12-10: If I have mate for lunch, apparently I stay up super late. Lesson learned, I guess? (still miss …

2020-12-06: Bandcamp Fridays: The Japanese House and Dirty Spells I became aware of Bandcamp Fridays from Jessica @ticky and it just so happened that I was buying …

2020-12-05: Picked up these “Heritage” beans from Pilot Coffee House at Propaganda. I like this Classic …

2020-12-04: It’s @duchesscosmo o’clock. Locally made, refreshingly tangy & not too sweet, and available for …

2020-11-08: Went out for a bike ride along Arbutus Greenway. Beautiful sun and a stop at Beacoup Bakery on the …

2020-11-08: I got sent this Azerbaijani Country Life Vlog video blog by @florence_ann and ended up watching the …

2020-11-04: Yesterday’s lunch at Laksa King was a bowl of laksa, a bowl of mohinga (Fernando got a picture of …

2020-11-01: I made a chocolate cake to use up sourdough starter discard. It’s not a pretty cake, and making an …

2020-10-24: One of the few times I’ve stayed somewhere else on #bowenisland. Up on Eagle Cliff, looking out to …

2020-10-23: My parents are moving today. Third move in 47 years they’ve been in Canada.

2020-10-21: Dude Chilling Park in the fall

2020-10-20: I should log my epic sandwich from yesterday’s lunch. Sourdough from Tall Shadow breads, polish …

2020-10-20: Spicy udon bowl for lunch today. Onions, ginger, garlic, some diced red peppers & carrots I had …

2020-10-19: Managed to stop in at the new Radpower Bikes Vancouver showroom right before closing. Snagged a rear …

2020-10-18: When we went for brunch at Forage yesterday, I also bought some of their sourdough starter. Looking …

2020-10-17: Rachael won an overnight stay prize pack from VanMuralFest and the Robson BIA. Finishing our …

2020-10-14: I’ve been stuck not really reading much. Gave up on the book I was on, and bought Sue Burke’s …

2020-10-13: The Sifter in Atlas Obscura The Sifter a multilingual database, currently 130,000-items strong, of the …

2020-10-11: Ride out to our usual bench at Burnaby Lake was pretty cold. Got to get gloves and other gear sorted …

2020-10-11: Pulled out some old achiote and made a turkey thigh stew plus did a trial run of savoury waffles I’m …

2020-10-11: Had these “screw buns” from Dinesty Dumpling House last night, which came with sweetened condensed …

2020-10-10: I wrote a blog post about joining Social.Coop. It’s a co-op that runs “user-controlled …

2020-10-09: Check out @rachaelashe’s work at The Art Shop upcoming pop up “Wood Paper Scissors: Raw …

2020-10-09: Our new Rad Mini got delivered today! It looks cute and small compared to my Rad Runner, plus a few …

2020-10-08: I have a cute little like green Bodum charcoal BBQ that we can take to the park at the end of the …

2020-10-06: I just found out the mystery cheese we bought the other day is Braided Armenian String Cheese. …

2020-10-05: Today was actually a pretty good day. Except! I got another flat in my back tire!

2020-10-03: The funky liquid leftover from lemony pickled cabbage with some dried chilies added 🌶 I don’t have …

2020-09-30: “[Vancouver has] the lowest property taxes on the continent and most of the people who complain …

2020-09-30: I figured out how to properly setup the VSCode Markdown Notes extension for how I’m making my public …

2020-09-28: Co-op and B-Corps structures are supposed to prevent this sort of thing. @jonrshell posts a thread …

2020-09-27: I just “finished” revamping my website, and then @bopuc left a link to Simply Jekyll by Raghu. …

2020-09-26: For people who like that sort of thing, I have a couple of RSS feeds on my site again. Have a blog? …

2020-09-26: I wrote up some research on a System76 desktop and new Mac Minis with eGPU. Anyone want to shill me …

2020-09-25: Sunset at Burnaby Lake. Was lovely to ride out at end of day with a few warm patches of sun left. …

2020-09-24: Chilaquiles? Migas? Some sort of Mexican creation for breakfast — tortilla strips, diced onion, …

2020-09-23: I need rain gear! Where’s the best place to buy in #Vancouver? What should I get for biking? Bonus …

2020-09-10: On the Sunshine Coast near Roberts Creek for a short bit of downtime. This was public beach access …

2020-09-09: My bmannconsulting site is now a Jekyll-with-backlinks public notes garden #secondbrain, and it’s …

2020-09-08: I just backed @doctorow’s Kickstarter for an audio book version of Attack Surface, the third Little …

2020-09-08: Had a great get-to-know-you call with @JacobSayles, intro’d by @LeeLefever. Jacob has a long history …

2020-09-06: Picnic in the park yesterday. Smashed cucumber & pasta salad recipes on @ATBRecipes.

2020-09-02: Hello #pickling friends! A quick stovetop pickle with golden beets.

2020-09-02: Fall 2020 Chromebooks for back to school in Canada I always work across multiple machines and operating systems. I wrote up my laptop choices back in …

2020-09-01: Custom Bags and Shipping IP vs Products I’ve just ordered myself a custom Timbuk2 messenger bag. Custom? Yes, custom: you pick and choose …

2020-08-30: Bike Ride to Riley Park and Van Mural Fest at River District Starting from the north end of Commercial Drive where we live, we did a grand loop and various …

2020-08-26: Went for a tour of the in-progress @vanmuralfest murals and met animalitoland at 7th and Ontario.

2020-08-24: Applying free shipping as well as a 100% discount in Shopify There are 20 pages of requests for multiple discounts for Shopify to be able to apply free shipping. …

2020-08-24: Sean @coates wrote up how he checked Canada’s COVID Alert app and submitted a fix. Thanks Sean, …

2020-08-23: Montecristo Magazine talks about East Van alleys filled with oregano and other Mediterranean herbs. …

2020-08-23: The Tyee’s story of how the Himalayan blackberry came to North America is really interesting. …

2020-08-23: I’m a fan of the Ghost blog in part because you can easily run it with one-click “Deploy to Heroku”. …

2020-08-22: Made my first salt-baked salmon tonight. Full step-by-step photos on @ATBRecipes. Definitely want to …

2020-08-22: Zettlr, an #opensource desktop markdown editor. Zettelkasten support, tags, and more. via …

2020-08-20: Made it into Columbus Meats for the first time in a long time. Their prepared roasts and other items …

2020-08-16: Biked around Stanley Park, using the new bike lanes on the road. Relaxing and an awesome ride. …

2020-08-15: Success with the lactic fermented tomato 🍅 #pickling experiment! Less garlic next time.

2020-08-15: I found @hecker’s “thoughts on Mozilla for people who don’t know Mozilla” to be a good read. If …

2020-08-15: At the Riley Park Farmers Market. Stopped in at Farmhouse Cheese for quark and curds, and big line …

2020-08-15: “Lost in this billionaire slapfight…is the salient point that Epic is not actually wrong here.“ — …

2020-08-15: “If we want to maximize opportunities for safe social interaction, and build up physical and mental …

2020-08-12: LinkedIn 1746 Chris Fralic of First Round Capital explains how to figure out what your LinkedIn member number is. …

2020-08-12: We're all in the same lifeboat The hashtag #MozillaLifeboat is highlighting the ~250 people laid off by Mozilla. Here’s …

2020-08-12: “no amount of extra vitamins makes sugary vegetable oil healthy for you.” — Oatly: The New Coke The …

2020-08-11: Craigstarter - open source crowdfunding tool for Shopify Craigstarter on Github A free to use / edit / extend crowdfunding tool for Shopify with multiple …

2020-08-11: Public vs Common Goods in Open Source, responding to @tobie Responding to @Tobie’s thread on examining open source as a commons. In the context of digital …

2020-08-09: Went for an afternoon bike ride and ended up at Banana Grove Market on 22nd for the first time. A …

2020-08-08: Checked in at Resurrection Distillery. Catch Weight fish & chips plus distillery cocktails.

2020-08-08: Ok shiny happy #pickling people, here’s some fermented rhubarb getting started, with orange peels …

2020-08-07: Back to important #pickling content. Lacto fermenting some tomatoes with garlic and some fresh green …

2020-08-07: I like this future where I can be emailing my local grocer and they’re asking if I want 6lbs …

2020-08-03: The Changli is a $1200USD electric car that you can order from Alibaba. Jalopnik bought it and road …

2020-08-03: Developer community chat tools: @swyx points out Slack ⬇️ and Discord ⬆️ Slack is Fumbling Developers and the Rise of Developer Discords by @swyx Slack’s revenue is firmly …

2020-08-03: Digital Abundance and creator compensation Kyle Mitchell writes The Truth is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free as commentary to Nathan J. …

2020-08-03: Last BC Day at Millers Landing My parents have sold their house on #bowenisland. They move out in October, after 41 years living …

2020-08-03: Checked in at Tell Your Friends Cafe. Another #bowenisland happening spot, my first time visiting in …

2020-08-02: Brought the charcoal BBQ over to Bowen. Beets, zucchini rounds, pork, Orbaek bratwurst, and some …

2020-08-02: Checked in at Orbaek New food option on #bowenisland. Rice bowls with great pickled veggies, plus …

2020-07-30: Checked in at Skipper Otto. A #biking pickup of #SkipperOtto fresh mussels.

2020-07-29: Checking in at Jericho Beach. #biking to Jericho. A beautiful evening in the sun.

2020-07-28: Went for a walk after dinner. The blackberries are starting to ripen!

2020-07-28: This is basically a pickle / fermentation appreciation account now. Bought this kit at Welk’s today, …

2020-07-28: New podcast: Value in Open, about doing #opensource for a living: Any open source value creator is …

2020-07-27: Checked in at Best Food’s Grocery. Corner store popsicles while #biking — and a really great …

2020-07-27: At the #Fission office

2020-07-27: Checked in at Hime. Take out from the #sushi #restaurant that’s close to the office.

2020-07-26: Checked in at Kissa Tanto. Always order the pickle plate. Look how perfect this is, and so tasty.

2020-07-26: I’ve really enjoyed Martha Wells’ MURDERBOT books. On special today.

2020-07-26: Checked in at 1931 Gallery Bistro. Halloumi galette for her, Peking duck eggs benny for me. Also …

2020-07-26: Checked in at Vancouver Art Gallery. Starting Rachael’s birthday with this exhibit about #BC craft …

2020-07-26: Barbados is offering a 12 month “remote work” visa I don’t think this is the only one of these we’ll …

2020-07-25: That last post was testing OwnYourSwarm, to use MicroPub to send FourSquare Swarm check-ins here. …

2020-07-25: Checked in at Dude Chilling Park. Cuban Taxi Guava Gose #beer from Callister Brewing. Remember: …

2020-07-25: Is an open source Instagram possible? The Sunlit 3 beta is available, and now open source. Is an open source “Instagram” possible? I had a …

2020-07-25: Treats from Pacific Bread Company for Rachael’s birthday girlfriends gathering. PBC has excellent …

2020-07-24: The Impact of the Coronavirus on Software Valuation Multiples, Tomasz Tunguz “The bigger …

2020-07-23: What’s that vague unease about Fava beans? Oh yeah, you need to take them out of their pods and …

2020-07-23: “we’re not replacing front-end devs with attention-layer-stacks anytime soon.” Agustin Lebron in …

2020-07-23: DaveO has just posted two kitchen posts. One on salt fermented pickles, the other on preparing two …

2020-07-21: Eggplant and okra in a peanut coconut sauce. I felt good about the flavour balance in this. Did I …

2020-07-21: A variation on my last brown butter and fresh peas pasta. No scapes, 3 minced bacon slices, minced …

2020-07-20: Lovely animations illustrating Ralph Ammer’s Make me think!: rather than using design to shield …

2020-07-20: On the fifth anniversary of Ben Thompson’s Aggregation Theory, @PackyM posts his Entropy Theory: …

2020-07-19: If you need to delete a known host in, you’ll need to use this sed hack: sed -i.bak '5d' …

2020-07-19: Step two of kimuchi and pickled cabbage. The kimuchi will sour for 3 days in a corner, the cabbage …

2020-07-18: Turning a giant head of green cabbage into Kimuchi and some pickled cabbage & jalapeños, from …

2020-07-18: Currently reading: The Joy of Pickling by Linda Ziedrich 📚

2020-07-18: I’ve written up a bit of a “best of” of a bunch of mainly food / grocery places for North Commercial …

2020-07-15: Pineapple 🍍 Mango 🥭 #tepache with a knob of ginger. Back to basics!

2020-07-15: Straight & Marrow is going into the old Bistro Wagon Rouge space, Scout Magazine Looking forward …

2020-07-14: Discord and the Cozy Web Tom Critchlow writes ‘Setting up a Discord Room for my Blog’, calling it a “cozy chat space”, for me …

2020-07-13: “We want our house to be made from sustainable materials that last multiple decades, are resistant …

2020-07-12: Om asks whether to pay for Pocket or Instapaper. I think a lot of people don’t know that Mozilla …

2020-07-11: My bike against the textured wall across from @DLChicken1

2020-07-11: Lunch with Brey at the Capitol Hill Reservoir Park. He made a gin lemonade, salad, and mashed …

2020-07-11: Lovely pale pink rhubarb lime ginger tepache. As I suspected, the pith from the limes is a bit …

2020-07-10: So proud of @rachaelashe’s work. Check out her work featured for #FacesOfCraftFriday by …

2020-07-09: Do you know the story of Sleeping Giants? Hear about it from co-founder @nandoodles as she embarks …

2020-07-09: I’m on a buying-and-downloading-actual-music-files roll! Listening to Perturbator’s …

2020-07-09: This is a screenshot of Obsidian @obsdmd making a link graph of the Markdown source files of my …

2020-07-08: Next batch of #tepache, first time without pineapple: rhubarb, ginger, lime.

2020-07-08: I’m testing @hopinofficial for my @drupalconNA #DrupalConGlobal presentation. Next week! On …

2020-07-08: duckduckgo() { lynx …

2020-07-07: It’s Ottawa-era Boris music this evening 🎵 Andrew Vincent and the Pirates, I Love the Modern …

2020-07-07: This video of the beta preview of mmhmm has been making the rounds. It’s a new video overlay / remix …

2020-07-07: My friend @LeeLefever writes about his business @commoncraft and their start making explainer videos …

2020-07-07: Via David Crow, The Difference Between Budgets, Targets, and Forecasts. I see many startup founders …

2020-07-06: What year is this? I just refreshed my LastFM user account. Bought a couple of @flor digital …

2020-07-05: digital spaces generally have no equivalent of a disapproving glare — “The silence is Deafening”, …

2020-07-05: A test ride to Capitol Hill Reservoir Park in Burnaby. Straight shot along the Adanac bike route. …

2020-07-05: Kyle writes about the evolution of @LicenseZero as an Indie Code Catalog. The tag line is “gainful …

2020-07-05: Currently reading: Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat 📚

2020-07-04: Buttondown Email is a simple email newsletter tool. The owner also funds open source that the …

2020-07-04: My friend Lee LeFever is building a new home on Orcas Island. He’s looking at options for whole home …

2020-07-04: Biked east into Burnaby. Some of the usual trails are under construction, which lead to some steep …

2020-07-04: An old photo from my Flickr backup, taken with some sort of digital camera, not just a smartphone! A …

2020-07-04: A picture of my RadRunner 1 Ebike from the Radpower website. It also happens to be for testing what …

2020-07-04: I think I’m going to make the move to the hosted version of for my microblogging. …

2020-04-13: I believe you mean SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE I believe you mean SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE Screaming Snake Case by FissionLet me know if you want a …

2020-01-08: “I value allyship more than anything. Home is people. Safe spaces are people, too. Not all …

2019-04-26: Foundry Company Captable Consideration Foundry Company Captable Consideration Part of this depends on the very structure of how the foundry …

2018-10-04: Hello SPADE Cross-posted from Boris’ blog:

2018-05-30: EDCON, WalletConf, Magicians & Summer in Berlin All of the presentations were great, and lead to good Q&A in the room, and extended discussions …

2018-03-23: Pho Sate at 24 Train Express Noodle House Pho Sate at 24 Train Express Noodle House On the way home from Bowen the other day, we needed a late …

2018-03-18: Beef Short Rib Pesto Tomato Stew Beef Short Rib Pesto Tomato Stew For my mid March 2018 Bowen Weekend, I spent Saturday afternoon …

2018-03-18: A Bowen Weekend I walk to work from our temp place in Yaletown. This is the pedestrian part of Robson, the art …

2018-03-12: Testing & Validating Open Angel Models Testing & Validating Open Angel Models Hi Bonnie — thanks for the kind words. Small in quantity, …

2018-03-11: Open Angel Reboot Open Angel Reboot Shutting down the investment dinner series, call for collaborators A couple of …

2018-03-04: When does Vancouver hit “peak coffee shop”? [1] Technically the first co-working space in Canada was community run in Charlottetown, PEI, before …

2018-02-26: Using a Bitcoin ATM to withdraw CAD in Victoria Using a Bitcoin ATM to withdraw CAD in Victoria I’m in Victoria for a couple of days and I’ve been …

2018-02-17: Maybe we don’t need a new token standard, we do need to work on security token interoperability Maybe we don’t need a new token standard, we do need to work on security token interoperability Hi …

2018-01-13: Setting up my Chromebook Setting up my Chromebook Exploring a Chromebook for day-to-day & development use ASUS …

2017-09-13: This is a great article in trying to explain forking in the context of blockchains. This is a great article in trying to explain forking in the context of blockchains. But today, the …

2017-09-11: Yes, thank you Roland Tanglao – fixed! Yes, thank you Roland Tanglao – fixed!

2017-08-19: Blockchain Definitions Blockchain’ ethos of trustlessness and decentralization is in part what drives interest in it, …

2017-07-26: I have seen most blockchain teams not be very good at “classic web” technologies. I have seen most blockchain teams not be very good at “classic web” technologies. How many …

2017-06-19: Automated Tickler Reminders are Key Automated Tickler Reminders are Key The automatic follow up with people after a lapse in …

2017-06-11: Not a format issue Not a format issue Maybe I overdid the title. Not a matter of representing the notes (although a …

2017-06-11: Time for a vNotes Format? Time for a vNotes Format? A note sync format across devices & systems Today we have vCards for …

2017-05-29: Microsoft and the Open Source community My own usage of Microsoft I have a family license for Office which includes OneDrive storage space. …

2017-05-10: ​​Cully: We’re building a bot! ​​Cully: We’re building a bot! ​​Frontier Foundry partners with 20 Year Media, building messaging + …

2017-05-08: Setting out for the Frontier We’re also exploring working with existing startups in different ways. Adrian and I’ve always …

2017-05-07: Nope! I’m using Capsule CRM as my personal CRM (which I mentioned in the article) which seems a… Nope! I’m using Capsule CRM as my personal CRM (which I mentioned in the article) which seems a …

2017-04-08: Comparison to Electron? Comparison to Electron? Will ReactXP extend support to run as desktop apps on Mac and Linux too? …

2017-04-08: Frustrated with Google Docs Frustrated with Google Docs This is very close to the system I use. However, I’ve become really …

2017-04-01: I just want more Lee, direct to the page. I just want more Lee, direct to the page. And yes, I should be doing more of this as well, although …

2017-03-30: Well that’s something we’re going to need to fix if we want the next 1 billion people coming online… Well that’s something we’re going to need to fix if we want the next 1 billion people coming online …

2017-03-26: Not crazy at all. Not crazy at all. I think we have to train the next generation of investors today. What if we could …

2017-02-21: Great question. Sometimes I feel like a hoarder, just gathering stuff for no reason. How do you quantify the value of the time and money you invest in keeping organized like this? Great …

2017-02-19: I tried the full res version of Google Photos. I tried the full res version of Google Photos. No direct linking to photos (not embedding a widget) …

2017-01-31: It all comes down to what you want. It all comes down to what you want. I haven’t found anything that works really well for me to remind …

2017-01-15: Early Exits are a fit for Rising Acquisitions Early Exits are a fit for Rising Acquisitions Great to see you go through the math on this and paint …

2017-01-04: I still love my MBAir 11". I still love my MBAir 11". I think an iPad Pro with keyboard would work, but I’ve decided I won’t …

2016-12-26: There is no wand in the Explorer Edition – it is just the single button Bluetooth clicker. There is no wand in the Explorer Edition – it is just the single button Bluetooth clicker. The …

2016-12-10: First Thoughts on the Occipital Bridge Anyone who programs for iOS today who wants to make the jump to the next gen should be buying this …

2016-11-02: Web only Computer Usage Web only Computer Usage If I didn’t do development tinkering — local commandline and ability to …

2016-10-31: Microsoft Surface Book and Surface 4 Options for my Next Laptop Microsoft Surface Book and Surface 4 Options for my Next Laptop Hey Jeff, thanks for the comment. As …

2016-10-31: I don’t think I was whining. I don’t think I was whining. I’m disappointed that my ideal trade off of the MBAir 11" doesn’t exist …

2016-10-31: I think tablets are great. I think tablets are great. I didn’t really go into exploring whether I could do 80% of my work on an …

2016-10-31: Surveying my next laptop options There are a ton of articles flooding out about what people think of Apple’s latest machines, or what …

2016-10-29: Product Metrics for Digital Companies About the NACO Academy NACO Academy is a newly launched investor education program designed to …

2016-09-30: All about Unfurling I’m just starting to think about interesting use cases for unfurling and embedding in unique ways. …

2016-09-24: Beer with Canadians at Hive Colab I know other attendees took pictures and video of the event, or might have thoughts to share on what …

2016-09-18: Uganda Medium Reading Are there other blogs, Twitter accounts, or other sources of Kampala / Uganda information that you …

2016-09-18: Kira Road Hike Yup, jet lag is hitting. Woke up in the middle of the night and doing photo editing and writing …

2016-09-14: A building block. Which is my shorthand for an existing community, space, organization, etc. A building block. Which is my shorthand for an existing community, space, organization, etc. For …

2016-09-13: 500 Words A Day: The Complicated Dance of Place And Self I thought I was going to go more straightforward into talking about Vancouver, but apparently I …

2016-09-12: 500 Words A Day: Cooking as Jazz I had a lovely Persian meal at a friend’s place tonight, but I prepped a meal for later this week …

2016-09-10: Connecting to Uganda Connecting to Uganda I’m going to Kampala, Uganda for a week, and will be connecting with the local …

2016-09-09: Email is a Team Sport Tell me about your email loves and hates. Tell me a sordid story about LinkedIn Messaging and the …

2016-09-08: 500 Words A Day: Working on the Future of Work I missed 500 words yesterday. I looked at the clock at 11:45pm, and just couldn’t do it. It’s …

2016-09-06: I grew up on Bowen Island (my parents moved there when I was 4). I grew up on Bowen Island (my parents moved there when I was 4). I feel very lucky to have had a …

2016-09-06: 500 Words A Day: Should you move to Vancouver? End of day right before I go to bed really isn’t the best time for 500 Words. I’ve already written …

2016-09-05: 500 Words A Day: September Rolls In Without a prompt, I got caught at the end of the day needing to write my 500 words. Is it cheating …

2016-09-04: 500 Words A Day: Zooming in on Bowen When you get this message, stop wherever you are and describe your location in great details (500 …

2016-08-27: Why cross-post to Medium? Why cross-post to Medium? Medium is both blogging interface and network. Just like Tumblr is. Any …

2016-08-24: An Idiot, Blogging An Idiot, Blogging There is a great little post floating around that tells us to Blog, You Idiots. …

2016-08-01: Activating great teams everywhere Accelerate in this context could mean a number of things: take an existing company and provide some …

2016-07-28: New (& old) communications mechanisms in AR/MR New (& old) communications mechanisms in AR/MR Interesting to think we’re going to see new takes …

2016-07-26: The other time “Head of” titles make sense is when you’re just getting started. The other time “Head of” titles make sense is when you’re just getting started. Other than CEO and …

2016-07-18: Ah Ha! at AngelFest 2016 Boris Mann is a COO-for-hire that likes building products and businesses. He is a Founding Director …

2016-07-15: What is a Startup Foundry? Boris Mann is a COO-for-hire that likes building products and businesses. Signup for his fortnightly …

2016-07-12: Hey Alan, this a good post topic that doesn’t get enough ink from a Canadian perspective — for both… Hey Alan, this a good post topic that doesn’t get enough ink from a Canadian perspective — for both …

2016-06-28: A Follow-Up on Using Highrise CRM Boris Mann is a COO-for-hire that likes building products and businesses. Find out more and …

2016-06-22: Sample Consulting Agreement Have questions about contracting or consulting services? Contact Boris » (who is most definitely not …

2016-06-13: A Personal CRM Boris Mann is a COO-for-hire that likes building products and businesses. Find out more and …

2016-05-18: Google Makes it Clear: Mobile Will be Mass Market VR HUMAN Bringing you the parts of the future that are ready to work today. We’d love to talk to you: …

2016-05-14: From Flickr to Self-hosted Photos For the record, I think that Wikipedia or the Internet Archive would be much better homes than …

2016-05-09: If you made this a publication instead of a user account, you could get people to contribute… If you made this a publication instead of a user account, you could get people to contribute …

2016-04-25: IDC Forecasts for VR/AR Hardware Units HUMAN Bringing you the parts of the future that are ready to work today. We’d love to talk to you: …

2016-04-04: If you poke around a bit, you’ll see that there is an existing AR market out there, used primarily… If you poke around a bit, you’ll see that there is an existing AR market out there, used primarily …

2016-03-13: VR will be Mobile HUMAN Bringing you the parts of the future that are ready to work today. We’d love to talk to you: …

2016-02-26: March 16th Event: There’s a Chip for That, presented by ARROW Interested in sponsoring? Email us Organized by HUMANin cooperation with Wearable IoT …

2016-02-16: Sample Confidentiality Agreement I am not a lawyer. Your lawyer will usually provide you a template such as this either for low cost …

2016-02-14: Post Parse Prototyping I’m actually going to end with one more quote from Keith Horwood’s Hello Nodal intro post: I …

2015-12-06: Bots will speak English before they speak JSON Bots will speak English before they speak JSON AKA How do you know if two replicants are chatting? I …

2015-11-15: Very interesting. We currently use Quip for documents / notes alongside Slack. Very interesting. We currently use Quip for documents / notes alongside Slack. Mainly this is …

2015-11-05: Explaining Stock Options to Employees Explaining Stock Options to Employees Buffer describes how they do this, as part of their open / …

2015-10-18: NACO Summit 2015 Summary for Capital Investment Network Boris has been active in the Vancouver startup ecosystem for over a decade. He co-founded Bootup …

2015-10-09: Alan Cooper on the need for the independence of the external design consultancy Link: Alan Cooper on the need for the independence of the external design consultancy The entire …

2015-10-07: This is exactly what I’ve seen. This is exactly what I’ve seen. Canadian founders who are pitching to local investors are getting …

2015-09-27: Welcome to Medium, NDP! Welcome to Medium, NDP! It’s great to see you embracing writing on here. With the animated GIFs, …

2015-09-15: PhoneVR Cardboard Showcase at VR City Vancouver VR City is an organization supporting the growth of the VR industry. We connect cities with people …

2015-09-14: Pro apps on iPad (the above written quickly on the Medium app on iPhone. A few more bits added below) I’m not saying …

2015-08-26: PhoneVR and Powered Headsets are still a useful way to think about the VR Headset landscape HUMAN Bringing you the parts of the future that are ready to work today. We’d love to talk to you: …

2015-07-24: Company Email Updates Keeping investors & advisors up to date with monthly email updates Any company that is serious …

2015-03-04: Coffee Dictation: Voice in Public With watches and VR on the horizon, what does it mean to use voice as an input method? At HUMAN, …

2014-07-13: Car2Go is an excellent roast pork delivery vehicle! #roland5dot0

2014-07-06: Boules! Bought at Strathcona Neighbourhood Garage Sale!

2014-07-04: Selfie selfie - Sony DSC-QX10

2014-06-30: Strawberry drinking vinegar

2014-06-28: rachael_ashe taking sky pics #bowenisland #howesound

2014-06-27: #eastvan skies

2014-06-22: Strawberry rhubarb jam and stage one of drinking vinegar: ginger + white vinegar & balsamic / …

2014-06-21: Yes, the strawberry is half the size of @rachael_ashe’s head

2014-06-20: Evening

2014-06-20: The secret of Pathful cc @campythedude

2014-06-19: Sablefish rice bowl – just like @shikabowen

2014-06-11: Red shoes, green socks

2014-06-10: Ling cod tacos #dinnerlog #latergram

2014-06-08: Status

2014-06-08: Good morning! #breakfastlog

2014-06-07: Current status (as per @bashford @rmtwrkr)

2014-06-06: The Marlin Club. Land the big one. Meet new people. Recite poems. #latergram #futuregram #marlinclub

2014-06-06: MakerFaire Load in – I’ll be here Sunday, @rachael_ashe will be paper’ing both …

2014-05-31: Good morning! #breakfastlog #sausages

2014-05-26: First @imaginator3d #3dprinting test print - @mstopham assisted by the uber geeky @nbadminton

2014-05-24: Alvin Garden braised pork. The only non-spicy dish we ordered. So we added Hunan spicy pickles.

2014-05-24: Good morning!

2014-05-18: Back for a full lunch @shikabowen - pulled pork rice bowl

2014-05-17: Fun & tasty little spot on #bowenisland @shikabowen - took possession on Tuesday, opened …

2014-05-17: Oyster mushrooms - we harvested about half, there are lots left #bowenisland


2014-05-13: Gastown in the sun

2014-05-12: Made a vat of cilantro guacamole - packages of 5 soft avocados are $3 at Donald’s

2014-05-10: Someone filling growlers at Bomber from all the other microbrews in town

2014-05-10: Steveston Fish Shoppe has #spotprawns

2014-05-09: This is the Saucisse Maison, the new-to-me menu item at Medina #latergram

2014-05-06: First sighting of @imaginator3d in the wild (assembled by @mstopham)

2014-05-03: Pasture to Plate is renovated & back open with a butcher block in the front window #thedrive

2014-05-02: Yes, it was just as good as it looks

2014-05-01: I guess I better hack all night

2014-05-01: Summer on the #stackhaus BBQ kicks off

2014-04-28: Victory

2014-04-27: Kaffee und Kuchen for @misobarb’s birthday

2014-04-26: Carded

2014-04-26: The @rachael_ashe carrying @consabo half shell

2014-04-26: Weekend breakfast yay!

2014-04-25: Just a puppy laying on my head

2014-04-19: Browning pork for roast cha su

2014-04-19: Rolling boil for tonkatsu ramen broth - next: 7 hours of cooking

2014-04-17: Basically a hipster paradise

2014-04-15: Please ignore the fact that I’m Instagram filtering a photo of Fred Herzog accepting the 2014 …

2014-04-15: Justice!


2014-04-14: Productivity quickly dropping towards zero in the #stackhaus office as cuteness reaches maximum

2014-04-12: Medium length hair & spring = hat

2014-04-11: Zitrone show - documentary of an art space in Zurich by Kyla Bourgh

2014-04-06: Signing David’s artist log @rachael_ashe

2014-04-06: Reindeer for Christmas!

2014-04-05: Germasian hosts #dinnerpartyYVR @markbusse @abusse

2014-04-05: Multiple head cheeses - pretty sure @theblackhoof should do a “flight” of these

2014-04-03: rachael_ashe & Connie collaboration at @hotartwetcity

2014-04-03: Blonde glasses guys at #Mobify

2014-03-27: Success is… (Julien Thomas talk at @hotartwetcity - amazing)

2014-03-24: When you’re away from the office, you get pranked when you come back

2014-03-21: Went to a toy art show, bought some art

2014-03-20: Thanks @theblackhoof for finding some off-menu larzo for us to try. Was an amazing meal & great …

2014-03-20: Pretty excited about eating my way through this menu with @rachael_ashe

2014-03-20: That delicious coffee I posted? Bought for me by this beautiful woman, who is drinking hit chocolate …

2014-03-20: Found the Revolver #coffee of #toronto - drinking a Phil & Sebastian’s

2014-03-20: Let’s eat sandwiches together … forever

2014-03-20: I’ve been making coffee with this crazy pseudo-pourover contraption

2014-03-18: Apparently we shouldn’t come visit @annasoros at work today???!!!!

2014-03-18: Rolling out of Union Station enroute to Ottawa for the day

2014-03-11: I’ve heard good things about the coffee they roast here

2014-03-10: Outside a hospital in #toronto

2014-03-04: Delicious chicken hot pot broth + I had corn chowder w/ crab & curried lamb wrap #rbsnowto

2014-03-03: Paratha Roti / bus-up shot with goat. #rbsnowto

2014-03-03: rachael_ashe is at the repetitive / crazy making part of the installation #rbsnowto

2014-03-02: Filipino restaurant on Queen Street W #rbSnowTO

2014-03-02: Yes, that says Toronto Ramen.

2014-02-27: Trying the RTown loyalty app - the ‘stamp’ gets placed on your phone screen

2014-02-24: From where I sit

2014-02-21: Earnest is packed all the time

2014-02-21: Thanks all for the startup + investment talk last night at #stackhaus

2014-02-20: Peaceful

2014-02-18: What are you doing?

2014-02-16: I really don’t understand why @rachael_ashe is sometimes nervous when I go shopping…

2014-02-16: Red vandals #heartingtheneighbourhood

2014-02-15: Basho! New #eastvan Japanese cafe.

2014-02-15: Gluten free from Andy’s Bakery aka “Wünderbrot”

2014-02-14: Happy VD Day from the Old Spaghetti Factory

2014-02-13: Beautiful ZoneVancouver space

2014-02-07: Just buy a yellow iPhone - that’ll make it all better

2014-02-04: Surprisingly large mustard selection at Army & Navy #dtes #gastown

2014-02-03: Dragon #latergram

2014-02-03: A special okonomiyaki marked with B

2014-02-01: Trying out Platform 7 #coffee #eastvan

2014-01-28: #stackhaus #lunchclub made by @olakmix – so, so lucky

2014-01-25: Sadness vegetable

2014-01-23: #stackhaus now has fish

2014-01-23: Cloud city

2014-01-22: This is what we call “double entry accounting” #stackhaus

2014-01-18: Enjoy all of the good stuff

2014-01-10: Mornings

2014-01-04: A little bit of a ridiculously thick pizza

2014-01-01: Sitting at East Cafe, writing about product

2013-12-31: Final grilled octopus + grilled fennel + maple brown sugar salmon

2013-12-31: Grilled octopus for tonight

2013-12-31: Still 15 years Mcdonalds free


2013-12-27: La Chouffe

2013-12-26: In 4+ hours, these beef short ribs are going to transform into deliciousness

2013-12-25: Porchetta - thanks Big Lou’s!

2013-12-24: Final plate #goose #cooking

2013-12-24: Sausage cutting board, purchased in Tuscany. I need one of these.

2013-12-24: Goose breast in marinade #christmas #cooking

2013-12-23: Horseshoe Bay parking filled with #car2go

2013-12-22: Kraken Nog #chickenmilk

2013-12-21: It’s @allbombs with #stackhaus puppies! #juxtaposer cc @sashaliv

2013-12-11: “The original social network”

2013-12-11: Northern Meat Services. Except it’s sugar. Hardcore, Winnipeg.

2013-12-10: Slab of tourtière at Peasant Cookery in Winnipeg. I can afford the calories in this weather. Thanks …

2013-12-08: Roasting chestnuts

2013-12-06: Giraffe #selfie

2013-12-05: Chai bubbling on the stove at #stackhaus

2013-12-04: Clio 5 year anniversary #Lego sign

2013-12-02: Just a little chicken puttanesca, says @mstopham as she makes #stackhaus #officelunch #awesome

2013-11-30: Just bought a ton of prints for the #stackhaus office at @hotartwetcity garage sale - buy art for …

2013-11-29: In #Victoria, tech is the top employer

2013-11-29: Off to #Victoria for the day to talk cap tables & valuation

2013-11-16: Siberian giraffe aka Ola #eastsideculturecrawl

2013-11-16: It’s @campythedude being a giraffe #eastsideculturecrawl

2013-11-16: Chai & whiskey ready to serve to #eas tsideculturecrawl visitors - come see …

2013-11-09: #hotoneinchaction buttons

2013-11-06: More laser bamboo - come see it & @rachael_ashe at #eastsideculturecrawl

2013-11-04: Leaf carpet

2013-11-02: Guinness toucan #latergram


2013-11-01: About try the magical elixir

2013-10-26: Baked apple

2013-10-24: joseph_wu_origami buttons & card at the opening

2013-10-23: Your No. 1 Instagram #pork channel

2013-10-23: Pork belly marinade for this evening

2013-10-22: Sunday night chocolate tasting

2013-10-19: The MOL Crocodile

2013-10-16: Good morning #fog #Gastown #stackhaus

2013-10-13: 1.5hrs in - browning nicely #turkey

2013-10-12: Brine prep for a 24lb monster bird from @petesmeat

2013-10-06: It’s garden spider season. This one was gigantic.

2013-09-27: Happy Postachio-s #ec3

2013-09-25: In town for @Evernote conference and found this at dinner

2013-09-23: Still remembering Saturday’s spicy meal at Nine Dishes

2013-09-16: Dinosaurs guarding Stripe & Rdio stickers #stackhaus

2013-09-13: Giant Antsagram!

2013-09-11: Cat eye glasses

2013-09-09: EverWiki EverWiki is a wiki-like structure / interface built on top of Evernote. The goal is to provide an …


2013-09-04: Rennie Collection Rooftop

2013-09-01: Red headed woodpecker

2013-08-31: Made it to Bob’s Fruit Stand in North Van for the first time

2013-08-31: Garage saling in Strathcona. I bought this t-shirt. Apparently I am XL in Japanese sizes.

2013-08-22: No more hat hair!

2013-08-20: Cat selfie to mark my triumphant return to Instagram

2013-08-05: Upper half of a bay leaf tree in my parents’ garden

2013-08-05: Hey @jhenshaw show us your eggs!

2013-08-04: Cat yawn

2013-08-03: Baby beaver kit on #bowenisland


2013-08-02: Pitcher of Sapporo $5 “This is real”

2013-07-21: It’s been a fun drive back home


2013-07-14: Beach lunch is served #bowenisland

2013-07-14: Future blackberry bounty #bowenisland

2013-07-13: Warming up for a swim #bowenisland

2013-07-05: Laser Cutter Cafe Opening Night


2013-06-28: Quick, everybody Instagram!

2013-06-28: Tree lights

2013-06-28: Hanging out in Harrison also means Catty Mac time cc @studiosiobhan

2013-06-28: The Canada Day feasting weekend begins

2013-06-25: Here for Bruce Alcock’s talk #hawc #hottalks


2013-06-21: #wealthbar #stackhaus salmon

2013-06-21: #stackhaus BBQ - the pork hocks before, see @allbombs for after

2013-06-19: And so it begins @bestiewurst #sausagelover


2013-06-16: New hat

2013-06-16: Chihuahua riding a tortoise #carfreeday

2013-06-15: Photo bombing Boris’ instagram with @wee_man_pepper

2013-06-15: Railway Street

2013-06-10: View from the suites AKA @allbombs party room #fireworksfactory

2013-06-10: View from the room #fireworksfactory

2013-06-09: Met the infamous CurrieCat, loved by @danwithatwist

2013-06-09: Strawberry rhubarb jam

2013-06-07: The dog sitting business at #stackhaus is going well

2013-06-04: Cody helping me email startups at #stackhaus

2013-06-02: Rhubarb meringue & German cheesecake

2013-06-02: Backyard in the sun

2013-06-02: The goslings are bigger #bowenisland

2013-06-02: Sunny Howe Sound

2013-05-31: We <3 Bacon

2013-05-31: At the Sign Painter show

2013-05-31: Poutine and Chicken Dinner

2013-05-30: Ducks in a fountain by Tinseltown

2013-05-25: Spot prawn dinner Helped make a delicious dinner with friends last night. We had spot prawns fresh from the dock and …

2013-05-19: Sunny Deep Bay in the early evening #bowenisland

2013-05-19: My mom is a cyborg

2013-05-17: Cheers

2013-05-15: An amazing #stackhaus meal by @tonynicalo

2013-05-12: No idea what kind of tree this is. Bunches of white flowers, oval leaves. Interesting fat trunk then …

2013-05-11: High ceilings at #cyborgcampyvr

2013-05-10: AT-AT for sale

2013-05-10: Leaving Nanaimo



2013-05-09: Landing in Nanaimo

2013-05-04: Lovely charcoal flames I need to douse

2013-05-04: New charcoal chimney

2013-05-04: For @mezzoblue

2013-05-03: Good morning #stackhaus #macbook

2013-05-01: riverliver rocking the CineCoup unveiling

2013-04-26: Pemberton Meadows via @tworiversmeats for #stackhaus Friday lunch

2013-04-25: Good night @rachaelashe @norbergart #turningjapanese

2013-04-25: Kokeshi Project fund raiser

2013-04-24: Sunny morning on the #stackhaus deck

2013-04-23: As a general rule, I order suckling pig if it’s on the menu

2013-04-18: sherrett gang at the soda shoppe

2013-04-16: Deja vu #bootuplabs #stackhaus @trevor_o

2013-04-14: The logs followed me to #stackhaus cc @dannyrobinson @maurar

2013-04-13: Sea Lions


2013-04-10: First delivery - still waiting for the kegerator to arrive #stackhaus


2013-04-06: Do you speak whale? (New tshirt)

2013-04-06: Arnt giving a blade sharpening demo

2013-04-06: Famous @nouvellenouvelle @loukwon Internet star Lili

2013-04-06: Bought beans for the week at #stackhaus & realized @kalv might be coming back with an SF bean …

2013-04-05: I can stomache

2013-03-30: Snack after a walk in the sun


2013-03-26: Final made it to Tacofino - great room

2013-03-22: Ferry bound on the 250 Horseshoe Bay

2013-03-21: This puppy is looking for a forever home. His name is Gibson. Get in touch if you’re …

2013-03-21: Morning sun

2013-03-20: Thanks Maryam Zargar for sponsoring!

2013-03-16: NEWS! show - photo of Cordova at Carrall, 1887

2013-03-14: Trying on Lana’s hipster glasses - may audition for Real Hipsters of Vancouver



2013-03-08: Jack Lumber

2013-03-03: #eastvan


2013-03-01: Breakfast from @yolksbreakfast

2013-03-01: I think it’s effin’ fantastic that a food truck will serve me chicken & waffles

2013-02-28: Half in the oven, half on the BBQ #openhaus #stackhaus

2013-02-27: Christening the #BBQ at #stackhaus

2013-02-25: jahoni demonstrates the scale of my birthday sign at the office

2013-02-20: Food for VIP event at #stackhaus (from Nuba)

2013-02-19: Broken glass dessert by Lana #stackhaus

2013-02-16: Beautiful clear night sky

2013-02-13: Walked to work with Distracto Puppy 9000

2013-02-11: Instagram break with @rachaelashe

2013-02-09: I bought Pepper a snake toy that squeaks @abusse @markbusse

2013-02-08: trevor_o drinking cognac out of a bone marrow luge #latergram

2013-02-06: KennyG playing air saxophone @allbombs with hair by @ltopham

2013-02-06: Coffee infrastructure at #stackhaus just went from 0 - 120

2013-02-06: Wise Monkeys | Trinidad Garlic Pork Wise Monkeys | Trinidad Garlic Pork. I can’t wait to try this some time. Update July 5, 2020: …

2013-02-05: The crockpot is moving into #fullstack #stackhaus tomorrow - @allbombs making pulled pork

2013-02-01: View from the new #fullstack office

2013-01-31: New office with @trevor_o

2013-01-29: For @allbombs

2013-01-24: The Fourth Gentleman - Fernet strikes again

2013-01-23: From #civicmeetvan

2013-01-22: Pepper in Paul Frank

2013-01-22: Pepper in a smoking jacket

2013-01-19: Me & Catty Mac napping

2013-01-16: Finally trying the ramen at Harvest

2013-01-14: New hair + Gassy Jack statue

2013-01-12: Do I look warm?

2013-01-09: Social commentary

2013-01-09: Apparently I am drawing

2013-01-06: I wonder if @kpwerker & @hellofisher know each other

2013-01-01: Leftover turkey curry Carrot, potato, turkey curry, a photo by bmann on Flickr.After figuring out the “secret” …

2012-12-29: Broiled pork neck / cheeks with ginger, miso, cilantro   Pork neck + cheeks marinating The neck was via Big Lou’s Butcher from Sloping Hills, …

2012-12-21: Awesome journals from your Instagram photos by @omegabloom

2012-12-19: Biscuits J.P.’s Big Daddy Biscuits Recipe - I made this biscuit recipe for the second …

2012-12-19: Shrubs Cocktail 101: How to Make Shrub Syrups | Serious Eats: Drinks. Hanging out with Lee & Sachi in …

2012-12-17: This sounds like something that @sachilefever would love

2012-12-15: Frozen squid

2012-12-12: Home-style chicken curry recipe Home-style chicken curry recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food. Modified with tomato paste + carrots + …

2012-12-07: Fake building

2012-12-06: Moss on a walk signal in #Vancouver - yes, it rains here!

2012-12-05: Writing Every So Often: The Personal Essay Makes A Comeback | John Battelle's Search Blog In the blog-only era of the early 2000s, folks like me had our personal site, and we also watched a …

2012-12-05: Party Monster, the making of [vimeo w=400&h=300] Making a funky app video - Allen Pike. Congrats to …

2012-12-03: Photowalk with Ross Photowalk with Ross - a set on Flickr. I went for a walk around Gastown with Ross, who lent me his …

2012-12-03: a selection of Hunanese delicacies from Lucky Noodle (via luckyfish) luckyfish posted a photo: via a selection of Hunanese delicacies from Lucky Noodle friday; spicy …

2012-12-03: Santa Cthulhu via Laughing Squid: Santa Cthulhu, A Needle Felted Wool Sculpture For 2012. I have a bit of a …

2012-12-02: You have to be pretty bad ass to have a neck tattoo … of an ice cream cone

2012-12-02: WIZZARD

2012-11-30: The cutest cat ever

2012-11-29: Pipa & Oud players at #vancity branch relaunch from last night

2012-11-29: First flight from new seaplane terminal (heading to Nanaimo for the day)

2012-11-28: Vancity branch opening - @rachaelashe has a commissioned piece here

2012-11-25: Braised Turkey Breast Paprika + thyme, with onions, mushrooms, apple, chicken stock + white wine in the braise.

2012-11-21: THAT is a cool use of Instagram

2012-11-18: Child antlers

2012-11-18: Child giraffe

2012-11-18: Here’s @jmv getting the very best leaves at the top of the yarn tree #culturecrawl

2012-11-17: SarahG with antlers at #culturecrawl

2012-11-17: #culturecrawl giraffe has a hat (this is Chris Rich)

2012-11-17: My dad @opahorst brought BBQ’d mini animals for our #culturecrawl lunch break

2012-11-16: The giraffe is live at #culturecrawl (this one is @rosshj )

2012-11-14: Our house slowly begins transforming into a studio / gallery for this weekend’s #culturecrawl

2012-11-04: Remember when giraffes roamed the earth?

2012-10-29: Pow! How about a hit of #red?

2012-10-29: #gsd lives on

2012-10-29: Fresh haircut & unbearded

2012-10-28: Good info for when I need to #BBQ a whole animal #foodists


2012-10-28: Antler girl loves her new raincoat

2012-10-25: Missing #startupdrinks because of my new career as #papercraft engineer’s assistant, 2nd class

2012-10-19: Lovely Bowen walk

2012-10-18: Drink coffee

2012-10-15: Glossolalia

2012-10-15: Medina Cafe breakfast

2012-10-12: iPhone photography training

2012-10-10: Costume under construction

2012-10-08: Pepper crashed out on @rachaelashe ’s lap


2012-10-04: At @rachaelashe opening in far off Port Moody

2012-10-03: That’s @petesmeat holding some sweet Italian sausage

2012-10-03: Pork rib chops @petesmeat

2012-10-03: Pig butchery @petesmeat

2012-10-03: Drinking bacon beer while we butcher a pig #foodists

2012-09-29: Class Afloat talk at Interesting Vancouver Last night I gave a talk at Interesting Vancouver. This picture is the one I used to start the talk …

2012-09-28: Some day I’d like some crazy boots like these

2012-09-15: Sushi Paradise Floor in New Westminster

2012-09-06: Good morning, #Vancouver Harbour

2012-09-03: Vacation

2012-09-02: Names of my childhood

2012-08-27: PortMetroVan Bruce Voyce’s ‘Uncontained’ was the best #containerart

2012-08-23: Secret @rachaelashe commission framing options

2012-08-19: On the Greenheart Canopy Walk, testing @rachaelashe vertigo

2012-08-14: Hacks

2012-08-13: Things I saw at Blim

2012-08-12: There are a LOT of people at #foodcartfest

2012-08-11: Indian sweets at $7/lb #foodists

2012-08-05: Pig hearts marinating #foodists

2012-08-05: Rainbows are everywhere this week #foodists

2012-08-04: Red & Green Cabbage Slaw with Tahini Lemon Dressing

Having made this salad twice now, I wanted to make sure to keep track of the recipe.

The salad is …

2012-08-04: Country pâté from Rain Shadow meats #foodists

2012-08-03: This is @rachaelashe getting her gizzard on (by @cangsam) #foodists

2012-08-03: powell street festival this weekend, Aug 4th & 5th 2012 All this weekend in Oppenheimer Park. Starts at 11am both Saturday & Sunday. Lots of food …

2012-07-29: Roast pork hash at Coastal Kitchen #foodists

2012-07-27: Vivarium

2012-07-26: Morning birthday construction crew

2012-07-20: Branding

2012-07-19: We will buy your dreams #graffiti

2012-07-14: rachaelashe watching @anneonbowen swim off Pebbly Beach

2012-07-14: Grocery store display

2012-07-14: Raspberries in the freezer


2012-07-13: Interesting stuff stored at Public Dreams

2012-07-10: Hoot

2012-07-08: At home with @leelefever and the #yarntree

2012-07-05: Flying pig on the Street Meet truck

2012-07-01: Salmon & huckle berries are ripe on #bowenisland

2012-06-30: First meal at Lucky Noodle Just came back from my first meal at Lucky Noodle, which is a Hunan-style Chinese restaurant at 3377 …

2012-06-30: Barn full of tools

2012-06-30: Vancity fraud lock means I can't trust Interac I’ve just had my Vancity Interac debit card blocked for ‘confirmed skimming’. The …

2012-06-23: 3D Printer Village at @makerfaire_van

2012-06-16: Northern Voice 2012

I really enjoyed my time on day 1 of the 2012 Northern Voice conference. The conference continues …

2012-06-14: Obligatory #haircut photo before BCTIA awards dinner

2012-06-13: Sustainable Shipping - on a sailboat The sail freighter Tres Hombres “sustainable shipping” Ambassador of the new fleet of …

2012-06-11: Great view, mediocre sandwiches

2012-06-11: At Northern Voice 2012 on Friday Just bought my ticket for Friday. Looking forward to it! Especially MooseCamp. Northern Voice 2012 | …

2012-06-10: #spotprawns wok fried

2012-06-10: Wok fried spot prawns Modified from a recipe for Hong Kong-style ketchup prawns. Except I don’t keep ketchup in the …

2012-06-09: Bar top samurai

2012-06-08: Bread from Nelson the Seagull for lunch

2012-06-08: Homemade Pickled Ginger This is the pickled ginger recipe I used the other day (and that lots of people have asked about). I …

2012-06-08: Wistia gift pack I got a really nice gift pack from the folks at Wistia. They do business video hosting, and are a …

2012-06-07: The way supports domain names is messy. automatically removes the “www” from all URLs. Mapping the “www” subdomain is not …

2012-06-06: Mary showcasing Nivole Moscato - tasty!

2012-06-04: Home made donburi bowl + home made pickled ginger

2012-06-03: Picnic carnage

2012-06-02: Yuuki bathing at dinner

2012-06-02: Big crowd as @rachaelashe sets up for demo at Opus

2012-05-24: Celebrating craft beer week

2012-05-24: Pink Elephant - said to be best Thai in town

2012-05-22: Did you know that pickling octopus is easy?

2012-05-22: Octopus tentacles for dinner

2012-05-19: Big Maple Tree

2012-05-19: Barnacles

2012-05-17: Revolver display

2012-05-14: Steaming #spotprawns

2012-05-06: the @rachaelashe booth almost ready #gotcraft

2012-05-05: Tartar of watermelon with mango by @mightyvanilla

2012-05-04: Half pigs head #foodspotting (Fat Dragon)

2012-05-04: Petal Parking

2012-05-02: Neon cake squares

2012-05-01: Tulips near a fountain

2012-04-26: Blossoms & boat launches

2012-04-26: Snail friend on #bowenisland

2012-04-25: Snail friend

2012-04-22: Corn hole

2012-04-20: Smashed cucumber salad

2012-04-20: Spring morning sun & blossoms

2012-04-19: Watching @joseph_wu_origami make starlings at @alyxdellamonica book launch

2012-04-17: Sidewalk dinosaur

2012-04-10: HarvestUnion is open

2012-04-09: Morning blossoms & shipping cranes

2012-04-06: Rachael’s studio window sill collection

2012-04-05: Lechon chopping

2012-04-05: We love to see you win

2012-04-03: Flame rain

2012-03-28: Really?

2012-03-25: Hand Soap

2012-03-25: Wonder Meatball - Taiwanese snacks on Fraser

2012-03-05: Whitecaps & Snowcapped Mountains

2012-02-26: I love Famous Foods

2012-02-22: Birthday whiteboard love from my team

2012-02-22: Rainbow reflection

2012-02-21: Pancake Tuesday German pancakes!

2012-02-20: Note to self: make ginger beer via This is easy to do, so I should do it.

2012-02-20: Action RPG - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Kingdoms of Amalur on Steam If you like Action RPGs, then you’ll love Kingdoms of Amalur. I …

2012-02-17: Mystery beer 12 pack from Trader Joe’s

2012-02-17: Massive spread at Max’s always looks so good

2012-02-12: Even under-ripe guava has a perfume that takes me back to my time in the south pacific

2012-02-11: Smiling @RachaelAshe (after feeding)

2012-01-31: Drupalcon clusters on Flickr See the DrupalCon tag clusters on Flickr just made me tear up a little - there's a Boris cluster. …

2012-01-16: Loaded crockpot

2012-01-15: Stone dust

2012-01-09: Fanciest bank ever

2012-01-09: Last of the meats: Dojo4 Porkchop This is the last of the Dojo4 meats: pork chops.These were tucked in the freezer and made a great …

2012-01-07: Chinese spam

2012-01-03: Cartier mail boxes #wherepost

2012-01-02: Tiles all over Grandview-Woodland

2012-01-01: Finally bought an m43 camera: Olympus PEN E-PM1 via Rachael and I wandered through London Drugs waiting for our movie to start the …

2011-12-31: Whiskey sour test pour

2011-12-31: Christmas lizard

2011-12-31: Food plans for 2012

2011-12-29: Beautiful Dangerous Tigers via Seen via dangerousmeta. Yes, the tigers ARE beautifully dangerous.

2011-12-28: More mushrooms on a log + @rachaelashe legs

2011-12-28: Possibly shelf fungus

2011-12-28: Mossy branches

2011-12-28: Fern gulley

2011-12-27: Monique & James at rainy Cape Roger Curtis

2011-12-27: Salad fixins’

2011-12-25: Santa Oyster

2011-12-24: Dirty Mermaid Martini Rinse a martini glass with Islay, then make a gin martini with kelp pickle ‘juice’. …

2011-12-23: German Dinner Experience at the Vancouver Alpen Club via I had been trying to put together an "open house" on the 29th. …

2011-12-23: Starting beef stock Beef stock that will be used for other dishes later this weekend. White beans are soaking for …

2011-12-23: Eggnog Recipe Roundup via I've never made from-scratch eggnog. Might try it this year.

2011-12-23: Christmas pulled pork Trying the Jamaican Firewalk rub - another rub I picked up on my last KC trip.

2011-12-22: "The giving and receiving of presents…[is] no longer part of my culture" /via @Downes So, for me, the giving and receiving of presents has never since been a part of the Christmas …

2011-12-21: Spices

2011-12-21: Dojo4 Porkchetta This is the last of the Dojo4 meats (not counting the maple thyme breakfast sausages & remaining …

2011-12-20: Lovely #coffee from @neil - Phil & Sebastian are making tasty beans in Calgary

2011-12-19: Walking to work

2011-12-19: Dojo4 Duck See the full gallery on Posterous Continuing the Dojo4 meat experience, last night I made duck …

2011-12-19: Clown Parade 2011 See the full gallery on Posterous Rachael and I participated in David’s Clown Parade this …

2011-12-17: #clownparade

2011-12-17: Contributing to #wherepost

2011-12-16: Help @stv build by taking pics of mailboxes #Vancouver

2011-12-14: Ass over electric kettle #openhouse

2011-12-14: Dojo4 Steak I refer a lot of work. My friends at Dojo4 wanted to say thanks. So, they got me a Big Lou's Butcher …

2011-12-05: Final #whiteboard capture - I’m moving down the hall

2011-12-04: rachaelashe ready to start #gotcraft

2011-12-01: Panasonic DMC GX1 as newest potential m43 option via This is the camera that Roland has shortlisted to buy. The last time I wrote about …

2011-11-27: Should we replace bulletin boards with digital?

2011-11-27: I just helped fund Windowfarms …

2011-11-26: KGB #hot1inch

2011-11-26: Blue

2011-11-26: Finally buying a new mattress

2011-11-26: Finger mo’

2011-11-25: The #greycup is in town

2011-11-24: Closing down the @iqmetrix #greycup open house

2011-11-24: #greycup open house at @iqmetrix

2011-11-24: Go Riders! #greycup #iqmetrix

2011-11-22: Pulled pork with 'Butt Rub' See the full gallery on Posterous Bad Byron's 'Butt Rub', to be exact . I …

2011-11-20: Morris & Humstead - delivery from @humstonstudios

2011-11-19: Goblin and a pink elephant #beer

2011-11-16: Spicy salty deep fried tofu #foodspotting

2011-11-13: Late season apple picking

2011-11-13: #deersnare

2011-11-12: Bowen relaxing We're finally on Bowen again. The Remembrance Day long weekend is a perfect little recharge before …

2011-11-12: #Steampunk and bugs

2011-11-10: It’s Mad Men day at the @iqmetrix office

2011-11-09: Val Arntzen’s ‘Measure of My Faith’ series - preview show for @CultureCrawl

2011-11-07: Amanda Palmer

2011-11-04: Eating Apple-made paella with @awesome

2011-11-04: Not winning any foodie points today

2011-11-02: End of a great #greek meal

2011-11-02: Pay for video games with #nfc #googlewallet #sprintosc11

2011-11-01: Corporate cafeteria with pizza oven

2011-10-31: Butt Rub #bbq

2011-10-30: Beautiful, costumed #paradeoflostsouls

2011-10-29: When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler!

2011-10-29: Three Red Ladies #paradeoflostsouls

2011-10-25: Tiger door

2011-10-24: 20 year old red wine vinegar from @globalmechanic - I want to start my own

2011-10-23: Minotaur

2011-10-22: Old teak window

2011-10-22: In Season

2011-10-21: Sayulita - hot chocolate, tequila, strawberry sorbetto #foodspotting

2011-10-21: Tripe, cucumber, skewers - it’s been too long #foodspotting (Nine Dishes)

2011-10-20: Pocket market #foodtree

2011-10-20: #coffee tears

2011-10-18: 3rd row seats at the #hockey - @typicalkay has front row

2011-10-18: At a #hockey game

2011-10-18: Cthulhu + Bunnies via Lord Snuggleston is his name. I'm not connected in any way, but I approve. …

2011-10-12: Opening night for #neonuglyvan (Museum of Vancouver)

2011-10-09: - vote for the business that should be here

2011-10-08: Kirsti drinking Russian River ‘Temptation’ #beer

2011-10-06: At Eat Wild event

2011-10-01: Crown Float at Three Lions

2011-09-29: Yellow Point Lodge See the full gallery on Posterous It’s been a fun and relaxing trip with Rachael. More to …

2011-09-28: Arbutus berry at the #beach

2011-09-28: Sandstone craters

2011-09-27: Arbutus tangle

2011-09-27: Outdoor saltwater pool next to the ocean

2011-09-27: Good morning #sunrise #nofilter

2011-09-26: Mirror in the tree shower

2011-09-26: Slightly different view this morning, still awesome

2011-09-25: Current status Plus an afternoon coffee, headphones in listening to Andrew Vincent & the Pirates. Old indie …

2011-09-25: Vacation: engage

2011-09-25: Tako salad looks awesome #foodspotting #sushi

2011-09-20: Instanew

2011-09-16: Detail of ‘Monster in the Trees’ print I bought #art

2011-09-16: Dog Taxi #sovancouver

2011-09-15: Flags

2011-09-10: Replanted

2011-09-10: Intro to Class Afloat Yearbook (and GitHub pages) Do you remember sun-drenched Wotje, with the little girl who presses a pretty shell into your hand …

2011-09-05: If I had reptiles, I would have Milo care for them

2011-09-05: Tastes of summer It's September and I'm talking about 'summer'. But the long weekend on Bowen has been lovely.This is …

2011-09-03: Comfortable Karma the #cat

2011-09-03: At the beach on #bowenisland

2011-09-03: Everyone loves squid

2011-09-01: This is @kpwerker getting the #Flattr treatment

2011-08-28: Homemade Andouille sausage via This recipe looks simple enough to make at home, without the …

2011-08-27: Dragon station made more magnificent by being next to BBQ row #PNE

2011-08-26: Sweet-checked innocence #foodtree

2011-08-23: Tickets to a restaurant /via @eastgate Next is a fascinating Chicago restaurant that serves a single, fixed menu that changes every three …

2011-08-23: Myth of the Marvelous Ingredient [I] remind everyone not to be too hung up upon the Myth of the Marvelous Ingredient. Sure, the …

2011-08-21: Wooden bunny

2011-08-20: ‘Live’ Rock cod

2011-08-20: Yarnbomb frog

2011-08-15: Local Food Challenge Profile The team at Growing Chefs asked me to answer a few questions about why I'm participating. I thought …

2011-08-15: Eating Local See the full gallery on Posterous Growing Chefs is a program that "gets kids excited about good, …

2011-08-13: Stuffed mushrooms, zucchini, salmon

2011-08-13: Caramelized carrot rosemary pancetta risotto Based on this recipe: pulling off this risotto recipe, I'm confident that …

2011-08-13: Caught a coho and a pink

2011-08-11: Bridge between North and South Pender

2011-08-11: Pender Island See the full gallery on Posterous

2011-08-07: Waiting for #TEDxStrathcona

2011-08-07: Weekends are cooking time See the full gallery on Posterous Weekends are time for me to do more elaborate / longer cooking. …

2011-08-06: Two bikes

2011-08-06: Peach jam

2011-08-06: Super Dino Monsters Bought at the Vancouver Night Market. I like the fact that he's supposed to be ferocious, but mainly …

2011-08-06: Anonymous poster on Burrard

2011-08-05: Cthulhu face via By Sam. Went to the night market in downtown Vancouver, rather than way out in …

2011-08-05: The East Van with @jonnyjohannes

2011-08-05: They finally knocked down that building on the edge of Chinatown

2011-08-01: Fish sign

2011-08-01: The huckleberry bushes are stacked full

2011-08-01: Flowers

2011-07-31: Sunset on the west side of #Bowen

2011-07-31: The Dogfish Cookbook

2011-07-30: Lovely delicious black rice sushi

2011-07-29: Waiting for ‘Roman Holiday’ to start (Beaconsfield Park)

2011-07-28: 404 sobriety not found error @trevoro

2011-07-28: iPhone wallet via We've heard talk about Google Wallet and other platforms wanting to make your …

2011-07-25: Snail friend goes for a walk

2011-07-24: Scenes from Penticton: Vajazzling is big

2011-07-24: Garden gnome

2011-07-23: Some nibbles at the Hillside Bistro

2011-07-23: Emergency takeout pie

2011-07-23: Hitting the road with new Fiat 500

2011-07-21: Frog legs

2011-07-21: Sprint 4G Hotspot - we’ve got Internet on the road #iQmetrix

2011-07-18: Hanging with a bank lion

2011-07-18: Chickens

2011-07-18: Morning

2011-07-17: About to beat the final level in wood tetris

2011-07-17: This is Diesel

2011-07-17: Breakfast egg

2011-07-16: Magic, science, and cryptocurrency; also, book reviews I just finished reading "Out of the Black". It's mainly responsible for the magic part of this …

2011-07-16: Cookbook find: Cowboys and Chuckwagons I'm always on the lookout for regional / unique / church basement cookbooks. I found this Come 'n …

2011-07-16: BBQing in the rain

2011-07-16: Burninating

2011-07-16: Silvery Aspen leaves #nofilter

2011-07-15: Arriving at Deka Lake I'm at the cabin with my dad for an extended long weekend. Our cabin is a couple of minutes walk …

2011-07-15: This is what the pine beetle has done

2011-07-15: Arrived

2011-07-15: It’s dry and hot in cowboy country

2011-07-11: Slurpee Day

2011-07-11: Disc Golf in Maple Ridge at the Thornhill Course via Played this course on Sunday with Travis and some other fun folks. It's a …

2011-07-10: That’s @masonjars double fisting

2011-07-10: Salmon berries in Maple Ridge

2011-07-10: Classy

2011-07-09: Cats of #eastvan #caturday

2011-07-09: Doughnut peaches - so weird!

2011-07-09: Red!

2011-07-08: Flowers in @rachaelashe old neighbourhood in Kits

2011-07-08: People love the picture frames at the Raja

2011-07-06: Buses

2011-07-06: Crab

2011-07-05: Happy tip cat is happy

2011-07-03: Frozen strawberries

2011-07-03: Solar panels powered the #Foodtree booth today

2011-07-02: Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Since it's red and my stove is white, this can stand in as a "How I spent my Canada Day 2011 …

2011-07-01: Statue across the fields

2011-07-01: Strawberry fields forever

2011-07-01: Guavas I bought guavas last night. When I bit into the first one, that flowery perfume flavour wafted out …

2011-06-28: Morning run

2011-06-26: Wolf in progress #papercraft

2011-06-25: Orange 8bit skull burst #graffiti

2011-06-25: At the races

2011-06-23: Awesome Feelings I found this via @awesome, of course. You can find other fine songs by Disasteradio, like "Gravy …

2011-06-21: fling & co at #html5sdf

2011-06-20: This is the kind of snack left at my desk #iworkwithfoodies

2011-06-19: Balloons #carfreeyvr

2011-06-18: It’s fridge pickle time again Storing a link to refrigerator pickles was one of my very first …

2011-06-12: Parking is hard in Deep Cove

2011-06-10: Colourful

2011-06-10: Trying the Mee Goreng #foodspotting

2011-06-09: Morning

2011-06-08: Any cult of Cthulhu paleos out there? With all these threads on religion, I felt rather left out :( So anyone out there who follows the …

2011-06-03: Helping with @rachaelashe daily self portrait

2011-06-03: Friday beer found downtown

2011-06-02: Trying new Singaporean cafe in #gastown #foodspotting

2011-05-30: Dry rub on pork

2011-05-30: Beef bowl - raw egg brought with us #foodspotting

2011-05-30: Sakura style at Well Tea

2011-05-29: Ballymaloe Brown Yeast Bread Ballymaloe brown yeast breadThis bread has been made by hand every day at Ballymaloe House for more …

2011-05-29: Mumbo jumbo

2011-05-28: Not today… But some day

2011-05-28: Reuben with House-made chips #foodspotting

2011-05-26: Shopping cart graveyard #eastvan

2011-05-25: somisguided rows ashore with a wave #bowenisland

2011-05-21: Shell heart

2011-05-21: Boating with Alex See the full gallery on Posterous

2011-05-21: I’m (about to be) on a boat

2011-05-17: Mr. Sun comes out to visit some flowers

2011-05-17: Radishes from SoleFood #foodtree

2011-05-14: Pink poofs

2011-05-12: Orcas swim into Burrard Inlet via With this, plus the dolphins in Howe Sound, it feels like we're getting a …

2011-05-10: Raining petals

2011-05-10: Neverwinter running text-based RPG sessions on Facebook Tuesday Encounter: Your party has dared to venture to the Ruins of Zhentil Keep in search of lost …

2011-05-09: Pink

2011-05-09: "It is weird to know where your food comes from" /via @tonynicalo The only peace of mind that exists in our current food system seems a kind of Orwellian trick- it is …

2011-05-07: "They have the wings of a bear and their antlers are made of fangs!" #maplesyrupcurtain via Yes, this is how expensive cellphone plans are in Canada.


2011-05-01: Lying in the grass and reading.

2011-04-30: Surf Monkey


2011-04-29: Doing the San Francisco cafe thing (Epicenter Cafe)

2011-04-29: Art Materials



2011-04-27: "A Latvian magazine has enabled real birds to tweet on Twitter thanks to bacon" /via @wired [youtube] A Latvian magazine has enabled real birds to …



2011-04-24: Life is hard for cats

2011-04-23: Easter weekend 2011 on Bowen See the full gallery on Posterous

2011-04-23: Plum tree blossoms #bowenisland

2011-04-22: Someone stole my iPhone and took a photo of me

2011-04-22: Pebbly beach detritus #bowenisland

2011-04-22: Easter with Horses

2011-04-20: Waffle sky

2011-04-20: Lions Gate Bridge #tinyplanet


2011-04-19: Trolley wire #tinyplanet (Bus Stop 51232)

2011-04-18: Cowboy Monkeys Riding Dogs Herding Goats /via @laughingsquid via I could probably republish at least half of every Laughing Squid post - …

2011-04-18: Four Twenty #vansterdam

2011-04-17: Rainbow Chard Recipe Captured for posterity, although no picture.Chop 2 shallots and sauté in a bit of olive oil over …

2011-04-17: Dan Mangan's Smorgasbord I attended Dan Mangan's benefit for homeless youth initiatives, aka Smorgasbord, on Saturday night. …

2011-04-17: Big Lou's Butcher Shop and Banh Mi Sandwich This was my third shopping trip to Big Lou's Butcher Shop, on the corner of Powell Street at Gore. …

2011-04-17: Banh Mi sandwich #foodists

2011-04-17: Me, dancing In the spirit of making sure that I own the place where the conversation takes place, here is a …

2011-04-17: Seattle Sounders game opening [wpvideo EjM5kk4y] <p> When I went to Seattle last weekend, Lee took me along to see the …

2011-04-17: Bacon Roses /via @laughingsquid via Mother's Day is coming!

2011-04-17: Walking in Seattle See the full gallery on Posterous I spent half a day on a Sunday in Seattle while Rachael was …


2011-04-16: I found an artist in the window Rachael was in the ‘Artist’s Window’ at Bird On A Wire.

2011-04-16: Other side of the lens

2011-04-15: Dog sculpture

2011-04-15: Zombie Bunnies via

2011-04-15: Robot playing kickball

2011-04-14: Why the dolphins are back [in Howe Sound] /via @chriscorrigan Scientists are trying to figure out why the Pacific white-sided dolphins are back. But there’s …

2011-04-12: The #Lions


2011-04-10: To share with Dave?

2011-04-10: Coffee Bar at The Woods

2011-04-09: Art by Pascal

2011-04-04: Yesterday’s eggs

2011-04-03: Frog on a photo album

2011-04-02: Lights

2011-03-30: She’s cute when she laughs

2011-03-29: Old #Bryght office

2011-03-29: I don’t really understand brand advertising

2011-03-26: Bird friendly coffee

2011-03-26: Blossom shopping in Kits See the full gallery on Posterous Out for a walk around Kits, checking how far the blossoms are.

2011-03-26: Out blossom shopping with @RachaelAshe

2011-03-25: Hi there snowy Toronto

2011-03-22: Kick off meeting for the #iqmetrix booth

2011-03-20: #Petals and pavement

2011-03-20: Seawall walk

2011-03-19: The pink explosions are starting

2011-03-18: Crab welcomes me home

2011-03-18: Got my BBQ last night

2011-03-17: Virtual items should enhance the core game, not BECOME the core game mechanic Social games and free to play games are, if not the future, a future. We can’t dismiss or ignore …

2011-03-17: I'm leaning towards an m43 camera that includes a view finder The Panasonic LVF-1 Electronic View Finder (EVF)  is awkward - The Panasonic GF1 is a beautiful …

2011-03-14: Chicken and Waffles This is my first experience with Chicken and Waffles. Probably too fancy for my "first time", but it …

2011-03-12: Starting DAII but apparently I should be more excited by Neverwinter via So, I'm just about …

2011-03-12: Pie options in Chilliwack

2011-03-12: Snowy Owls

2011-03-11: Broken glass

2011-03-10: First meal at Nick's Spaghetti House With Rachael and Kai

2011-03-10: Hello Kitty

2011-03-08: Eierpfannkuchen with mushroom asiago sauce For Shrove Tuesday. Even though I’m a heathen.

2011-03-06: Rango at the Dolphin Theatre in Burnaby This is, of course, not a screenshot from Rango. Which, by the way, is an awesome, awesome, awesome …

2011-03-06: Murals and barbed wire #eastvan

2011-03-06: On pre-launch DLS in Dragon Age II: "The mistake is the appearance of greed, of swindling your initial customer. " The mistake is the appearance of greed, of swindling your initial customer. When additional content …


2011-03-05: Waking Derek via Last night I attended Derek Miller's living wake. Coming home and thinking about it …

2011-03-04: On my whiteboard at work

2011-03-04: Obligatory new haircut #self-portrait

2011-03-03: Evening light #eastvan

2011-03-02: Fancy hair products

2011-02-28: Tempura Katsu Don #foodists

2011-02-26: A tale of two lunches

2011-02-26: Trying to convince Rachael we don’t need a dragon pet

2011-02-26: I got a little beaver for my bday - thx @somisguided

2011-02-22: We need to make the FUTURE work, & the best way to do that is to be engaged in the present /via @chriscorrigan The most useful conversations to me have been the ones where we kick around ideas, blue sky, dream a …

2011-02-22: Birthday card from @rachaelashe

2011-02-21: Reawaken as Tie-thulu, the most well-dressed of all the Elder Gods. via I love me some Cthulhu.

2011-02-20: Big Lou’s is open now #foodists

2011-02-18: Awesome new Vancouver pizza place #foodists

2011-02-18: I’ve got skies of blue #nofilter

2011-02-17: A lovely dinner last Sunday

2011-02-13: Bottling (last weekend)

2011-02-12: Liverwurst from JNZ, Kaiser bun from Fratellis

2011-02-11: Alien chandelier

2011-02-09: Valentine’s otter

2011-02-07: Morning vista

2011-02-06: I gave @anneonbowen a cake pan for her birthday, so she had to test it

2011-02-06: Boudin noir AKA blood sausage #foodists

2011-02-05: Shore Pine Point

2011-02-05: Looking back while coming into Horseshoe Bay #nofilter



2011-01-28: Karen’s Room 103 art installation

2011-01-28: Working on proposals gives me #crazyhair

2011-01-25: Bloedel flower, the app is ColorSplash by @pocketpixels (Bloedel Conservatory)


2011-01-22: Laksa & Roti Canai

2011-01-22: Freybe meats

2011-01-21: Beer & prawns with Opa


2011-01-19: Going up

2011-01-17: Go west

2011-01-16: Results of soft pretzel making These worked out quite well. Recipe found at Beantown Baker via Foodista search. The dough was very …

2011-01-16: Results of soft pretzel making

2011-01-16: Sushi accoutrements

2011-01-16: Lovely coffee in the window seat at Cittadella

2011-01-15: Ramen!


2011-01-12: Lunch

2011-01-11: Cheeky Yuuki

2011-01-10: Lovely dead things (Beaty Biodiversity Museum)

2011-01-09: Finishing up tour of Beaty museum with @RachaelAshe (Beaty Biodiversity Museum)

2011-01-09: Looking at bones (Beaty Biodiversity Museum)

2011-01-09: No clean

2011-01-09: Brunch is good at Caffe Brixton

2011-01-08: Strathcona Rosemary

2011-01-07: Makings of a Drupal shooter #d7rp (Bootup Labs - Flack Block)

2011-01-06: Misto for @Mortendk


2011-01-03: Presidential cookbook (Blue Lantern Studio)

2011-01-03: Brumelle Family

2011-01-03: Lovely old books (Blue Lantern Studio)

2011-01-02: Aloo pie is on the menu tomorrow

2011-01-01: Ariane’s window

2011-01-01: Skillet bacon & eggs

2010-12-30: Howe Sound views (Queen of Capilano)

2010-12-30: Sun (iQMetrix Vancouver)

2010-12-30: Fire in my neighbourhood

2010-12-29: City of Glass (iQmetrix Vancouver)

2010-12-29: Good morning Vancouver

2010-12-26: Boxing Day walk (The Meadow in Crippen Park)

2010-12-26: Tugboat (Snug Cove Ferry Terminal)

2010-12-25: Dad gifts are the best (Seven Hills B&B)

2010-12-24: We had duck (Seven Hills B&B)

2010-12-24: Bowen tradition: Reading Cooks Illustrated (Seven Hills B&B)

2010-12-23: Meats at Freybe (Freybe Outlet Store)

2010-12-22: Blue Label - Happy Holidays!

2010-12-21: Labyrinth of Light for Winter Solstice (Britannia Arena)

2010-12-20: Herring on rye bread

2010-12-19: Wonderful toys live here (Dilly Dally on Commercial Drive)

2010-12-19: Finished cornbread slice

2010-12-19: Ceiling of ornaments

2010-12-18: Vancouver Christmas Market See the full gallery on Posterous This is the first time I ever used Groupon - to buy some 2 for 1 …

2010-12-17: The General

2010-12-15: Reflecting on Christmas balls

2010-12-14: No one expects Super German (idea by @RachaelAshe)

2010-12-13: Pork status: pulled

2010-12-12: Pork butt rubbed & ready to nap

2010-12-11: Yuuki the cartoon bird

2010-12-10: Torture from SPUD & rainbow chard & Barb’s mango chutney

2010-12-09: Bears eating ninja pigs

2010-12-09: Our HAL9000 coffee maker

2010-12-09: Waterfall building, because Vancouver needs more falling water

2010-12-08: Octopus for lunch?

2010-12-08: Office view

2010-12-07: Arturo’s taco truck specials

2010-12-07: Rainy transit morning with yellow umbrella

2010-12-06: Yuuki bathing Yuuki loves running / pouring water. Here he is right after dinner. Yuuki Bathing on Vimeo

2010-12-06: Yuuki bathing in tea cups

2010-12-06: Tea while I wait for take out (Miyako Sushi)

2010-12-05: Color Splash'd Rachael with fuzzy hat

2010-12-04: First post! (from new iPhone)

2010-12-03: Check your physics books /cc @dshanahan What they should tell you is to check your physics books. Balance is not rest. It is not quietude. …

2010-12-03: The lining is orange When your car looks like a car but the doors are gullwing, we notice them. When your suit looks like …

2010-12-02: Just One Word /via @dshan Balance via My man @dshan is someone that I haven't spent nearly enough time with. He's an …

2010-10-26: Turtles all the way down The most widely known version appears in Stephen Hawking's 1988 book A Brief History of Time, which …

2010-10-17: Super Meat Boy via Hooked Gamers review of Super Meat Boy. I had stumbled on this a while back, …

2010-10-04: Why we need email training via I should probably remove the Feedburner rotating image bling from my Gmail. I …

2010-10-03: Delve Deeper via I have been sink for 48 hours+. I wandered out of my sickie cave this afternoon …

2010-09-30: Why Johnny Can't Program /via @rushkoff Amazingly, America - the birthplace of the Internet - is the only developed nation that does not …

2010-09-27: China is investing in multiple "moon shots" - modern airports, high speed rail, bioscience & electric cars Kevin Czinger, Coda’s C.E.O., who drove me around Manhattan in his company’s …

2010-09-19: Quick Veal Stock and Remouillage Another thing about stock generally: don't think that stock making must be a huge undertaking.  …

2010-09-05: Stuffed Squash Blossom Recipe See the full gallery on Posterous These were bought too soon and languished in the fridge for some …

2010-09-01: My crab picture used in Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings The Stormlight Archive PortalBook ListThe Way of KingsBook One of the Stormlight ArchivePurchase …

2010-08-23: Irish Soda Bread Recipe Ingredients 4 cups all-purpose flour 4 tablespoons white sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 tablespoon …

2010-08-09: Rouladen I have watched my mom prepare rouladen many times, and I'm sure I've even helped in the past. But, …

2010-08-09: Toward a steady-state economy /via @sebpaquet I think it is. My view on the matter is that the era of economic growth is over, kaput, finished. If …

2010-08-06: Rendering plant in East Van Through the wonders of Google Maps, I learned that there is a rendering plant a couple of blocks …

2010-08-03: A long time ago, before psychiatry and rum /via @kevinmarks A long time ago, before psychiatry and rum, I seriously considered a job in intelligence. Among …

2010-08-01: We've propped up zombie companies that create McJobs We've overinvested in yesterday's industries to the point that they're now the walking dead - but …

2010-07-26: Betty Baguette - fresh sandwiches delivered by bike in Vancouver via Seen via @nickmolnar and others. Clicking through to the web page, there is …

2010-07-20: Strathgartney Provincial Park - Disc Golf in PEI via I'm hoping that I'll have time during my trip to play some disc golf. I …

2010-07-15: European Shopping Tour of Vancouver I posted this originally on Urban Vancouver, way back in December 2004. I thought I'd move a copy …

2010-07-15: Loaves from the local baker vs. the local hypermarket Let me explain - and allow to me to over-generalize for a moment. Let's say you want a loaf of …

2010-07-13: A sanctimonious diorama about the folly of late-period humanity /via @mezzoblue Later on I will stand in one of these stores in front of a pyramid of Coke Zero bottles and consider …

2010-07-11: Damien Rice 9 Crimes (song from the end of tonight's #TrueBlood) via The video is creepy. It's nice and haunting as a credit roll for True Blood.

2010-07-10: The murder of nature upon your very soul What must it be like to have the murder of nature upon your very soul? To have sacrificed all the …

2010-07-10: The altar that was the shore at the end of time The god had been looking for a heart in the city, a heart that was worthy, a heart that knew true …

2010-07-08: "Learn to do real things and how to create value for other people" /via @rushkoff In the meantime, learn to do real things and how to create value for other people. Make friends with …

2010-07-06: Woodland Park Disc Golf via Here's the natural object 9 …

2010-07-01: Dinnner Rolls 1 package active dry yeast1/4 cup warm water3/4 cup hot milk3 tablespoons shortening3 tablespoons …

2010-06-27: I made a vegan German potato salad The key part of German potato salad for me is the lack of mayonnaise and eggs. I make this up from …

2010-06-27: Monkey Pirate Robot Ninja: The Game /via @laughingsquid via I'm done with Rock Paper Scissors as of now.

2010-06-24: Who wants to dinner swap? /via @trevoro A cooking co-op, or dinner swap, is simply an agreement by two or more individuals or households to …

2010-06-22: Making pork stock See the full gallery on Posterous I followed a combination of #2 and #3 from this site on Chinese …

2010-06-22: Mover Dinner Menu OK, it's down to the wire, and I think I've figured out the menu for the Mover Dinner I'm putting on …

2010-06-21: The dark side of the farmers' market boom But what if there's a little-known dark side to the farmers' market boom? What if the ruddy man in …

2010-06-12: I realized the internet was stealing the reading of books away from me /via @ebertchicago For some days now I have physically left the room with the computer in it, and settled down …

2010-06-05: Micro Four Thirds I've been jonesing for a new camera. Specifically, while I take a handful of pictures with my Nokia …

2010-05-26: The "social cost" of renting in Vancouver has increased Even though rent-versus-purchase math has long worked strongly in favour of renters, even moreso in …

2010-05-17: Come for the sloths, stay for the frogs …

2010-05-17: GINK by DERRICK COMEDY via I shared this on Twitter already, but it is very very very funny, and you should …

2010-05-13: In Vancouver, middle class people can't afford to live middle class lives It won’t surprise anyone who’s ever read this blog that I lay most of the blame for this state of …

2010-05-11: Giving feedback to small business Looks pretty good, doesn't it? There are a couple of problems with the meal (mainly the sandwich), …

2010-05-11: Moving to The Drive See the full gallery on Posterous Rachael and I are moving to a new place. After only a few rounds …

2010-05-08: making things visible nancy white’s session

2010-05-05: Unplugging on Galiano via I'm in transition, so as part of that, Rachael and I headed over to Galiano …

2010-04-29: Recent Meatballs via Sharing recent meatballs for …

2010-04-28: Sharing Knife by Bujold cc @kellan @lloydbudd via I first picked up Bujold on recommendation from Kellan and devoured all the …

2010-04-25: The Internet sucks at recipes I’d also like to point out that Google is now useless for information about cooking, because almost …

2010-04-21: Killer Bunnies? via Played this last night for the first time, with 7 people that were over for …

2010-04-19: Cooking Octopus on @Foodists via Here's my write up on Foodists of how I cooked the octopus.

2010-04-18: About to broil an octopus via I'm about to braise & broil an octopus - bought about a pound of tentacle down …

2010-04-16: Video camera stealing octopus via I really need to re certify in SCUBA and start building my gear again.

2010-04-15: What I did tonight I had an all hands meeting at work and discussed a bunch of upcoming stuff. I went home and relaxed …

2010-04-13: I <3 taxes AKA government trapped by an ever-shrinking stream of revenue That’s why the push to repeal the HST is more dangerous than it might appear. It’s a Trojan Horse …

2010-04-07: Startup drinks April 2010 I'm using Keynote to create a "Startup Drinks" presentation, with Danny looking on in the …

2010-03-19: Dr Teeth tattoo via My long ago Ultimate team in Ottawa was called Dr. Teeth, and two of my …

2010-03-14: Trotter Gear Anthony and I made Trotter Gear this weekend. Which are, of course, pigs feet, and from Fergus …

2010-03-08: Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising via Comes out this Thursday. I really enjoyed the first part of this, and …

2010-03-08: Roast Lamb Leg Dinner See the full gallery on Posterous Last of the Cutter Ranch lamb. Marinated with preserved lemons …

2010-03-08: Spaghetti with Guanciale and Kale See the full gallery on Posterous More on the magic of guanciale in the previous post.

2010-03-06: Guanciale - magical pork jowls Now that the Olympics are over, Oyama again has guanciale. I picked some up to cook while on Bowen. …

2010-03-02: Living on Bowen The waters of Howe Sound and the ferry across it are not only a physical barrier, but also a …

2010-03-02: Setting up Rachael's show at Waterfront Theatre See the full gallery on Posterous The show is called "Trees I have Dreamed", and you can find out …

2010-03-02: Ground Pork Ragout See the full gallery on Posterous Trying for something vaguely like Anthony's ragout. I remember it …

2010-02-27: Brunch as a meal to have people over for is neglected Ingredients 12 eggs 12 ounces jar of salsa 1 ½ cups grated cheese …

2010-02-21: Duck Tongues Dim Sum via Thanks for everyone that came out for my birthday dim sum today. It was fun to sit …

2010-02-20: Spicy Coconut Tumeric Beef I was going for the Banana Leaf's Rendang Beef curry - which is a completely different dish, but I …

2010-02-20: Finished reading: The Last Light of the Sun (Guy Gavriel Kay) via I've actually read this book before. I immediately devour any book that Kay releases. …

2010-02-19: S/V Concordia sinks off Brazil The Canadian tall ship SV Concordia, a sailing school vessel, heads past downtown Halifax in this …

2010-02-19: I made a video at Canada's Northern House via Looks like it may not support embeds, so you'll have to follow …

2010-02-14: Happy Valentine's Day! I don’t like Hallmark holidays. In fact, I don’t like ANY holidays / occasions that are …

2010-02-08: Simple Ethiopian Berbere Kuri Squash Soup I had a large kuri squash, and used it over several days. The small amount of cubed squash that I …

2010-02-08: Refrigerator Pickles via Storing this recipe link so I can find it again. Someone else on Twitter …

2010-02-07: Black and hairy, very small aka Boris the Spider by The Who /via @dbarefoot via The Who were at the Superbowl today, so lots of their old songs got looked up again. …

2010-01-30: Used Cookbook Haul Today I went to Thomas Haas. The drinks were nice, as were the pastries, but it was incredibly …

2010-01-30: Austrian (pig) Cuts /via @rtanglao via I think it's about time to order a whole pig and schedule a butchery / …

2010-01-29: I accidentally bought the fourth in a series /via @akalsey No wonder this book is full of unexplained backstory. I accidentally bought the fourth in a series. …

2010-01-29: A Winter WonderMEATland! /via @RachaelAshe via I'm sure Sarah will love this post, too.

2010-01-26: I'd like to make blood sausage via Also, the Charcuterie Sundays blog is amazing. It has kicked …

2010-01-23: flaky biscuits I've been continuing on the baking kick. Biscuits are great because they take only 20 - 30 minutes …

2010-01-21: Ask the Internet about Pho in Vancouver, and get responses like @trevoro did Best Pho in Vancouver 4 Au Petit Cafe 3 Hanoi Pho (Hastings and Dunleavy) 2 Pho Tang 2 Thai Son …

2010-01-21: Missing days… I thought I might make it all the way through 2010 with one personal blog post per day. Nope! I can …

2010-01-17: No Knead Bread first result No Knead Bread (inside) No Knead Bread via This is my first attempt …

2010-01-16: Cider Vinegar BBQ Sauce for Pulled Pork Cider Vinegar Barbecue Sauce: 1 1/2 cups cider vinegar 1 cup yellow or brown mustard 1/2 cup …

2010-01-15: A stylist with hats via This smiling lady has been my hair stylist (aka cut it short when it gets unruly) …

2010-01-13: Happy Trogday to you! /via @haggaret via Apparently today is Trogday, celebrating the creation of the Strong Bad …

2010-01-12: Trying on hats via Fur hats are fun!

2010-01-12: Making Cheese Making Cheese is as easy as…pie…? <span class="date">September 2nd, …

2010-01-11: Anything but elves and trolls /via @rtanglao the epic quests set in Tolkien-inspired fantasy universes have gotten really boring to me.  …

2010-01-11: If eaten, my body would taste like SPICY BEEF /via @RachaelAshe Created by Recipe Star

2010-01-11: Make your own Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Beets, etc. /via @sarahfelicity Live Fermented Food & Organic Raw Dairy Making Workshops at The Urban Ashram - 2290 Saint George …

2010-01-11: They're tunnelling TCP/IP over AD&D! Halting State by <a …

2010-01-11: Rosemary Tomato Soup 1 cup chopped onions ½ cup finely chopped celery 1 tablespoon olive oil …

2010-01-10: Me as a Lego chef /via @counti8 via Karen thinks this is me.

2010-01-09: Parsnip and apple coleslaw Parsnip and apple coleslaw Serves 2 as a main meal, 4 as a small side dish 2 tbsp cider vinegar 1 …

2010-01-09: Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon and Turkey &frac12; package of spaghetti &frac12; cup of bacon, chopped 1 …

2010-01-08: Bloedel Conservatory is slated to be closed In spite of our efforts to save the Bloedel Conservatory, and despite the possible illegality of the …

2010-01-07: Me sawing off a pig's head /via @ecstaticist via Also features James in the background. …

2010-01-06: Social Crafting at MOV - Jan 21st More info and tickets here.

2010-01-05: Burned down Slickity Jim's is going to be replaced by a Tim Horton's and a Wendy's /via @nep Restaurateur Mike Zalman, who lost Slickity Jim's Chat 'N Chew in November, is painfully aware that …

2010-01-05: Granola bars Ingredients 2 cups shredded coconut 1 &frac12; cups rolled oats 1 …

2010-01-03: Proscuitto Egg Cups a la @ecstaticist Yield: 24 Ingredients 12 slices proscuitto 1 cup cooked crab or lobster 6 eggs …

2010-01-02: Annals of mistaken voicemail, part 1 msg_d4ae89a0-d827-4df8-a96e-45db0ccf99ba.mp3 Listen on Posterous I have a variety of phone numbers …

2010-01-02: No Knead Bread via My mom has been making No Knead bread for years -- she makes a basic …

2010-01-01: The Happiness Project: How To Be Happier – in Four Easy Lessons. First Splendid Truth To be happier, you have to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling …

2010-01-01: Buttermilk Scones 1 1/2 cups All purpose flour 1 teaspoon Salt 1 teaspoon Baking powder 1/2 teaspoon Baking soda 6 …

2009-12-31: Evan prepping Napoleons of utter joy

2009-12-31: Foodists: Much Ado About Recipes Posted on Foodists: Much Ado About Recipes - …

2008-12-09: Sunday Cooking: From corn bread to yogurt cake, with some beef in between   So, I did a whole bunch of "experimental" baking today. Experimental mainly because a) I …

2006-01-10: Ianiv's stuff works for WP Joining us at the OSCMS Summit? You can meet people like the developer behind the new, …

2005-08-17: Nabbed it! Here is Boris on WordPress. If I haven’t said it enough before, I really do recommend …